Animal key fob fans!

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  1. I'm not sure if this has been posted here yet but there is a new fish key fob being released early May. I saw it in their accessory book when I bought the snail key fob! The fish is an aqua blue and pretty cute.
  2. I just got mine!!:wlae:
  3. SHOW US WOMAN!!!!! LOL!
  4. Wow!!! I Must Have It!!!
  5. Do you have the item #? Thanks!
  6. he is...Mr. Fish!!:heart:

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  7. Yep that's it! It's so cute! Darn, why wouldn't they let me order it? Although the SA said she will call me when it comes in.
  8. #92310 and $38 :tup:
  9. AW! He's cute!!! Thanks for showing us! :smile:
  10. Thanks! I love it!
  11. thats adorable! I want one!
  12. OMG! How cute! I will definitely be ordering that one for my collection! Thanks for sharing :tup:
  13. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG that lil fishy is adorable!!!!!! Thanks for showing us and for the info! WOO HOO another to go on the list haha
  14. cute
  15. Thats so cute!!! Congrats!