Animal Fighting Bill Passed!

  1. Now its on its way to be signed by President Bush!!:yahoo:

    Check out the Humane Society of the United States for more info!!!!
  2. I got the email!!! This is fantastic!!
  3. The Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act establishes a felony-level penalty of up to three years of jail time for any interstate or foreign transport of animals for fighting purposes (until now only a misdemeanor) and makes it a crime to move cockfighting weapons in interstate or foreign commerce.

    That's so wonderful! Hopefully, now there will be a lot less dog fights and people will stop blaming an entire dog breeds because some idiots thought it would be cool to see th poor things fight.

    The sad thing is, once the animals are seized from a house, they're usually to put to sleep. Since they have been bred to fight, they wouldn't be suitable pets.
  4. I'm not saying everyone should run out and get a pit bull. As with other breeds, people need to do their homework. The pit bull needs experienced owners who can handle them.

    If they're trained properly from a young age by an experienced owner, they can be loving, affectionate dogs.
  5. That is great news! :biggrin:
  6. That is fantastic news!!:yahoo:
  7. Thats so good its about time~
  8. Good news.
  9. I agree..It's about time! This is fantastic news!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Fantastic news!!!!!!!
  11. Best news of the month!
  12. I agree, its about time!!!!!
  13. Awesome news!!! YAY! :yahoo:
  14. Great news, not before time!