animal faces charm/keychain

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  1. Hi, does anybody know how much the round animal faces charms/keychains retail for including taxes? Thanks.
  2. It's about $150~$185 pretax about 4 months ago. So, it's about/over $200...
  3. Oooh very adorable but priced a bit high methinks.
  4. hi

    around 120 € in Paris. I love the "tiger" and "hippo" one. :nuts:
  5. ^^ the whole animal face keychain collection is out in force. The display window of Hermes Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya) has all of them displayed, hanging off all various sizes and colours of the Garden Party.
  6. I recently bought the hippo-shaped one, which isn't a face, but it was priced a little lower at $115-$120ish I believe?