Animal (dog especially) lovers - you've gotta check this video out!

  1. I love animals. That is an amazing video.
    I wish I was half the person my dog thinks I am.
  2. Wow! I want to get that book. What an amazing dog -- I would love to meet her!
  3. awww that is an adorable dog! miracles..
  4. Thank you so much for posting this TravelBug! :yes:

    Faith is amazing and adorable and hearing her story made me cry! I can't help worrying that it might hurt her to walk upright.

    I want to hug her, too!!! :biggrin:
  5. i bought that book! sadly not much about the dog is in there.... funny thing is my dog looks a lot like her...
  6. You are welcome! ;) The owner said something about getting her hip checked and that she is fine now. I sure hope that she will continue to get checkups to make sure walking upright won't hurt her. She is so adorable - especially her puppy pictures. We humans sure can learn a lot from her huh? Such a heart-warming story, isn't it?
  7. awwwwwwwwwww ....its kinda trippy....but awww
  8. Thanks so much for posting that. It made me teary just watching it. I just wanted to give her a big cuddle.
  9. Thanks TravelBug. What a great way to start the day!
  10. Same here. It's an amazing story. I would not mind having Faith at all. She seems like a very happy dog.
  11. What a little sweetheart!! that really is amazing.
  12. im in love!! that doggy is adorable
  13. I've seen your dog Fayden (what a cutey btw!) and they do look very much alike. Both your dog and Faith are definitely part American Pitbull Terriers, one of the greatest breeds out there imo.

    This story made me cry, I have a pittie and one thing that I can say is that they are extremely smart, tenacious, loyal dogs that are extremely attached to their owners and very eager to please. Faith was probably so happy to be rescued, I'm not surprised she wanted to make her owners happy and learnt to walk on 2 legs!

    And my dog sleeps right beside me in bed like that too! I have a king size bed and instead of sleeping on the other side she has to be RIGHT beside me, like tucked into my side, under the blankets!
  14. Animals are amazing! They never feel sorry for themselves. They just adapt. I have two dogs and three birds and could never imagine my life without them. I LOVE all animals.