Animal CSI Article in People Magazine

  1. Did anyone else read this in one of the last few issues of People magazine? This vet used all types of evidence to help put animal abusers away in prison!

    It was a great article but very sad...for example, she had to investigate a scene in which a PUPPY HAD ITS MOUTH TAPED SHUT AND WAS COOKED ALIVE IN AN OVEN.:crybaby: :yucky:

    She got both of the men who did that to the poor little thing thrown in jail...

    I think that it is great that the Courts are finally starting to PROSECUTE people who abuse animals...I feel that the American judicial system has been waaaay too lenient/looked the other way in the past.
  2. Guess no one else read the article???
  3. I missed that article. That story sbout the puppy in the oven would put me instantly into tears. Glad the guys wwent to jail.
  4. That was terrible. They should have got the two men and strapped them up and roasted them for a while, and see how they liked it!! :cursing:
  5. I didn't read the article... and even if I saw it I don't think I would have been able to. Such a sad sad world we live in when puppies/animals are abused in such a manner.
  6. I am going to write People a letter and say how much I appreciate the heartbreaking job that Vet has...she is fantastic for doing this and getting those #*$&&$ thrown in jail!!!
  7. Too bad they can't give the death penalty for animal abuse. I think they should have put those bastards in an oven and cooked them.
  8. ^I couldn't agree with you more.
  9. I read that article. We have a pet schnauzer that is so loved that my husband and I talked about how sick a person can be to abuse animals because these creatures are so innocent and cute.
  10. ^the article was really hard to get through...I was reading a copy that my nail salon had while I was getting a took all that I had not to start bawling :sad:
  11. I read it. I felt the need to look up the trial because I wanted to know exactly what happened and how they were punished.

    (They were found guilty and sentenced to 10 years.)
  12. ^Thanks! I believe 5 years was for the animal abuse and the other 5 years was for related charges??

    Did you see what those other 'related charges' were??

  13. February 09, 2007
    Tough verdict in puppy torture case

    Joshua and Justin Moulder, who admitted to duct-taping, torturing and baking a 3-month old pitbull puppy in the fully heated gas oven of a community center, received the maximum sentence today in an Atlanta court room.
    The brothers, aged 17 and 19, were each sentenced to 10 years for burglary and five years for animal cruelty. The sentences are to be served concurrently, not consecutively.
    The Moulders -- who prosectuors called the "BTK brothers," for "bind, torture and kill" -- received the same sentence offered in a plea deal they had rejected.
    The Moulders' first trial ended in a hung jury when one juror refused to convict.
    County officials say they have received more than 5,000 emails and cards about the trial from all over the country, and even the world.
  14. ^thanks for the extra info.

    I seriously can't get the thought of what that poor puppy suffered out of my head.

    HOW could someone do that to such an innocent creature?!

    My heart is seriously broken :sad:

    THANK GOD that they were punished...I just don't feel that 5 years is enough :sad:
  15. People like that only escalate. I'm afraid of what they might do when they get out. That is just so upsetting. Sometimes I tear up when watching "Animal Cops." I just wish they could have had a harsher punishment and obviously much needed mental treatment.