Animal Cruelty...

  1. or sick sick hobby? Either way, I present to you: Cheerleader Boo


    I'm officially the crazy cat woman, I think.
    It was $1 at Target- mom mistakenly thought it would fit our 40 pound basset mix... Ha! Says it's a large though :P

    Oh, and Boo goes winter:
    (That sweater had only two leg holes and the back was sewn shut. No idea WHAT kind of animal it was made for...)
  2. Good thing that cat can't talk! LOL

    Hee hee I have no room to talk...I have been known to dress up my chihuahuas on occassion!! :smile:
  3. :sweatdrop: You had me worried with that title--thought it was something really sad! Instead I see you are dressing up your pets hehe. Boo looks sort of embarrassed to be in those outfits, but is tolerating it for her mommy. Try to dress up a boxer--not an easy task.
  4. Oh but he can sure growl. This low low ggrrrrrrrr that never ends. haha.
  5. ahhh that's cute!!! lol I can't believe you are able to do that! My cat would have scratched my eyes out. Must be a very tolerant and sweet kitty.
  6. ^ ITA! :yes:

    Only the best behaved cats would tolerate that! :biggrin:
  7. The secret is to do it when they're half asleep :yes: hehehehe.
  8. Darwin, I have only one thing to say:

    SPCA - So Pretty, Cute, Adorable!
  9. Adorable! :biggrin: if only I could get my cat to wear anything hehe
  10. LOL! I'm quite sure Boo would say that's abuse if critters could talk.