Animal bond

  1. My 7 yrs old maltese mix Bhobho is incredibly close to me. I adopted him when he was 8 wks old and have always been together since. Today, I wasnt feeling well, had just been back from an overseas trip last night and today I had to begun fasting. I had a slight fever and was feeling really weak and Bhobho wouldnt leave my sight, he stayed with me the whole time under my bed. He even missed his dinner and wont play outside like he does everyday. This wasnt the 1st time, everytime I got sick he always knew. My parents noticed this as well, as his behaviour really changed dramatically everytime I got sick or isnt feeling well.

    Does any of you ever experience the same thing with your animals?
  2. My puppy Rosie (she's 1/2 yorkie, 1\2 bichon) knows when I'm upset. She literally starts to cry with me. And, she won't leave my side no matter what. She's a wonderful little girl, and I couldn't imagine life without her.
  3. I had a Border Collie cross who always knew when I was sad--if I was crying, she always came and placed her paw on me, and gave me kisses.

    I am allergic to wasps, and somehow she knew this too--she would do whatever it took to kill every one near us! I miss her SO much!
  4. I have a kitty who comes up to me and lays down with me and kisses me when I am crying or upset. She is always near me, and if I walk downstairs, she'll follow, if I walk back upstairs she follows. It's so cute!!! I love her.
    Snowwhite: I am sorry for your loss. *hugs*
  5. Snowwhite, I'm so sorry for your loss :sad: I cant imagine losing my Bhobho, he's like my other half, life wouldn't be complete w/o him.

    I love hearing everyone's stories. It's amazing to see our animals bond so closely with us. There was also another occassion a couple of yrs back which stuck to mind. I had a terrible infection on both my legs, I couldnt walk and had a fever all the time. My dog was like my lil nurse, LOL! He kept me company all the time, and his mood was down just like mine was. He def knew that I was in terrible pain, and so he sacrificed his play times to be with me. I remember feeling so touched by it and thought "boy, even my BF isn't like this!" :P
  6. That's so cute, Sarahcantiik!^^^
  7. My baby is very receptive when I am ill or upset. Three weeks ago when I had the worst cold of my life she didn't leave my side. I was wheezing in my sleep because my asthma flared up and woke me up because she was protecting me. I just know it. She also won't play with her toys or eat unless I look like I am doing better. She's such a good girl. I couldn't imagine life without her.
  8. Oh Angelica, I can just imagine what your lil baby did to you. My baby boy does the same too. Anyway, is that her in your avatar? Is she a shih tzu? She looks adorable!

    Really, like you I also couldnt imagine what it would be like living w/o my pets (I have 1 dog and 4 cats, but my dog is the closest to me although I love them all equally). I could cry and cry just imagining the day he leaves my side. Call me weak, emotional, bla bla bla.. I dont care, LOL! That lil boy means the world to me.
  9. All of my animals sense when I'm under the weather. The birds will not chirp or stir too much. They kind of just stay quiet. My two dogs will just stay by my side. If I'm upset they can sense that too.
  10. My dog knows when I am upset. She comes up to me and literally licks my tears off my face. When my grandma visited a few years ago she got sick and stayed in bed for a couple of days, my dog would go check on her from time to time, and then stayed by her bedside. Animals are wonderful that way, they know and they care - wish I could say that about all human beings!
  11. One of my cats I call my "soulmate"....she always knows when I am sad, and she just glues herself to my side when I feel down............and looks at me with those big green eyes as if to say "Are you ok now, Mom?"

    I also had quite a problem with an ulcer several years ago, and I was often up at night, vomiting (sorry to be graphic!) and ill. Another one of my cats would always come stand by me in the bathroom or wherever I was until I felt better.

    Took me a while to figure this out, but I had "adopted" her after one of my best friends passed away. My friend had had leukemia and was going through chemo, so I think that my cat remembers her "first" mama being sick, and being there for her. Then she did the same exact thing for me when I was suffering similar symptoms (though nowhere near to the extent my poor friend endured...)

    I love 'em all to pieces....they're my babies! :heart:
  12. Aint this the truth! :yes:

    and Denim, that's a wonderful story you just shared about your cat staying with you in the bathroom when you were sick. How can we not :heart: them to pieces, huh?

    And everyone's stories are equally wonderful too :idea:
  13. My maltese if the same way. She knows right away if I'm ill or upset. She doesn't like to leave my side anyway but she's exceptionally attentive is she knows something is wrong. :heart:
  15. Awww! I almost wanted to cry reading all of these responses! :crybaby:

    There is nothing like having an animal for a best friend. Nothing in the world!

    When i cry, my maltese, Coconut will jump on my lap and stick her paws on my chest and lick my face. Her eyes get all watery and drippy, and she won't leave my side. When i found out about my sister being sick -- (inopperable cancerous brain tumor) :crybaby:She was by my side aaaall the time. I'd lay on the couch, she'd curl up beside me and let me hold her like a stuffed animal and we'd cry. She'd be on top of my feet everywhere i went, etc.

    She's the same when i'm sick, she's quiet, won't eat, and stays curled up on top of me and we sleep all day. :yes::love:

    This makes her sound like she only knows sad and sick, but she sure knows how to be a happy wild flufferbutt!!!