Animal and Visitor Etiquette

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  1. My SO's family has a dog and I have the following problems during visits. It's not that I don't like animals, but sometimes things that happen make me very uncomfortable.

    a) After they eat their meals they put the dishes down on the floor for the dog to lick. I find that horribly unhygenic and dislike eating at their house.

    b) They've allowed the dog to lick people on the mouth 'kiss' and the dog leaps up on visitors when they are sitting and licks them on the mouth/face - and they think it is 'so cute'.

    c) The dog comes into the visitor's rooms in the night, jumps up on the bed and lays down on it and goes to sleep. I don't like sharing my bed with a 125 pound dog.

    I don't want to offend people, but I dislike visiting because of that reason. And what can I say to them that makes them understand that I really like them, but find the dog and related hygeine totally repulsive?
  2. LOL! I'm not sure there is much you can say without offending them, to be honest. But I think dog owners have to be responsible too and they should not let their dog jump all over you and lick you. As a dog parent I can easily tell who doesn't mind it, and who doesn't like it. Although Maya is only 9 pounds of beauty queen and her kisses are the sweetness. heheh and anyone who doesn't like it must be the devil...but I digress. ;) ;)

    The licking the plates thing is gross in my opinion also. Can you maybe ask your SO to say something for you? That's what I would do personally. I would simply shut the bedroom door at night so that the dog cannot get in.
  3. Evenpeople who like dogs don't always want that much closeness. Can you shut/lock the door of your bedroom to keep the dog out? Depending on how assertive you want to be, you can ask them to help you keep the dog out of your face. Problem is the dog has been rewarded with praise when he does that and won't really distinguish between them and visitors.

    On the plate-licking thing, I'm guilty of that. the dishes go in the dishwasher anyway. I understand that many people would find it distasteful.
  4. There is a stove next to the visitor's room to provide part of the downstairs heating. So if the door is closed, especially in winter the room is very cold. It's sort of leave the door open and be warm with stove (and dog!) or freeze..

    It's also rather difficult when you're licked all over and the owners say "ooh , he loooves you, isn't that cute?" and you're trying very hard to get away from a large dog with bad doggy breath....

    SO doesn't mind so much because its his house and his parents so he's used to it.
  5. Its a hard situation, but you might have to gently explain to them that it makes you uncomfortable and that you are not used to it. I'm sure they'd understand.
  6. Yes, I agree to approach it gently. Honestly, I don't blame you for being grossed out. The dog is just trying to be friendly but I don't want doggy kisses on my face and certainly not on the lips. Ew, imo. Don't get me wrong...I love animals.

    Remember, everyone, one loves your pet as much as you do ;) .

    Good luck!
  7. Ick! I can see why you would't want to eat there.
  8. Personally I wouldn't have a problem with any of the mentioned. But that said, you probably never want to visit me too!
  9. I think a few no lips hand over mouth gestures will work and gentle suggestions about not rooming with an 125lb dog. People I think should realize that big dogs like that are hard for anyone to get used to.

    As for the licking plate thing...YUCKS!! :yucky: Not very healthy for the dog or well trained and....just ewwww!!
  10. I am an animal keeper and would share my bed/dinner table with most species but I gotta say I am sensitive to people who don't share this sentiment and it is okay!!!
    All you gotta do is say, "while I love and respect your animal/s, I require a certain amount of personal space from both humans and animals and would appreciate it if you did not allow your animal so much freedom around my food and sleeping amenities."
    If your hosts are just as compassionate, they will understand. I always assume people in my house are not as accustomed to sleeping/feeding with animals and always take their feelings into consideration FIRST.
    Your hosts should always do the same. Never feel bad about telling them politely. It would be as if their "Uncle Fred" were allowed to crawl into bed with you or eat food off your plate afterall......
  11. no, this is not proper etiquette. if you have guests, don't put your pets out, but def don't give them run of the house! you invited people over, take responsibility for your pets and your house! be a good host! thats kind of rude and to some people, gross!