Animal Aid Foundation - Needs your Votes

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  1. I normally do not fall for these voting contests - but this one is really dear to my heart - The Animal Aid Foundation.

    The Animal Aid Foundation is a volunteer based, charitable, fundraising organization whose mission is to financially support the activities of local animal charities as well as assist in finding lifelong homes for animals in need.

    One of the largest car dealerships in Metro Detroit is donating $40K to several charities this Friday. The top 10 charities are in the running and Animal Aid is ranked #3 as of today.

    Only 3 more days of voting and the contest ends at 5pm this Friday. You can vote once a day & every vote helps them get closer to helping another animal in need.

    If you have just a minute - it's only two clicks away!!!

    Vote here:

    Thanks for your help!!!!!!!

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  2. Voted!
  3. I think I voted. :hrmm: I have a FB page but I never have used it as that site confuses the schnitz out of me.
  4. I hate that you have to have a facebook account for everything now. If I had one, I'd vote.
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