Anilouann's Collection

  1. :flowers: Hi,let me introduce myself,I'm new on the site,I'm french,please....forgive my mistakes....I don't speak english everyday.I'm 34,and really a "bag-addict".These are my favourites at the moment,the last "baby" I've bought ,is the Dior Gaucho(double saddle(it looks really better on reality,I'll probably take another photo for the Dior's forum)
    From the top to the back:1-old vintage crocodile bag(1950),I've made new handles and now it looks great!
    2-Gérard Darel 24h multipockets
    3-Martha from Sonia Rykiel(poney hairs)
    4-Sac Lune(moon bag) Vanessa Bruno(actually it's a best seller of this designer in France)
    5-Gaucho double saddle Dior
    6-24H gérard Darel
    7-Oak Roxanne Mulberry
    8-Python Silverado bag,Chloe
    9-Francesco Biasia(italian designer),plaited leather(like Bottega Veneta)
    As french,if you want,I can give you informations about bags like Darel(I think I've bought 6 or 7 from his bags....I bought,I buy another new bag)
    I hope you'll understand my bad english!Happy to share my passion with you!
    IMG_1097bis.jpg IMG_1100bis.jpg
  2. Welcome and thanks for sharing!
  3. Hello, welcome to the pf. You have a nice collection:flowers:
  4. Welcome to tPF!:flowers: Great collection! Thank you for sharing.:yes:
  5. Bienvenue, lovely collection ! :yes:
  6. Wauw!! That's a nice collection!!! Love the DIor Gaucho!!
  7. welcome and great bags!
  8. welcome.. and.. GORGEOUS. nice set up
  9. Thank You So Much,it's Really Nice From You.
  10. Beautifull collection!
    I'm Italien and I'm bag-addict too:P
  11. Welcome!

    That's a lovely and varied collection you have! Is any particular one your favorite?
  12. awesome collection, thanks for sharing.:wlae:
  13. Nice collection!
  14. Dear Gina,I have to confess....these are my favourites,but I have more than 22 bags....In fact,what I prefer is the quality of the leather.When I've got the Mulberry I'd promiss to my husband to re-sell the Darel(multi-pockets):honestly,I never could,its leather is so naturel,so smooth... I'm quiet in love with my bags.Sometimes I stay in my dressing room just to admire them,I take them,sometimes I smell them....I think I'm ready to go to a mental asylum!!!:nuts:
    I'll take(let?) a photo of the Gaucho for the Dior's lovers,but actually I'm not satisfied with its pictures:it seems shinier than it is on reality.
  15. It looks a little bit shinier than it is on reality but it's quiet correct.Happy to share my passion with you!