Aniline leather - cleanser / conditioner recommendations? + Rant

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I tried searching the forum before posting this, but apologies if I missed out an existing thread answering this question.
    I have new but unused bag in a light colour, I want to condition it because its actually gotten wrinkly in some places, but the tag says aniline leather so I'm treading with caution.

    I have Apple Brand cleanser and conditioner, but haven't seen conclusive evidence about whether it will work on aniline.

    Can anyone who owns light coloured Chloe aniline leather please share what you use?
    I'm based in Asia but will be in the UK in August, so product recommendations from these areas are especially helpful.

    Also, a little rant right here:

    I tried asking my local Chloe boutique ( I don't have r/s with SAs at all as I mainly shop online) for a product recommendation and was extremely put off by the entire CS department.

    I sent them an email showing what the wrinkles look like and explained that I didn't want to mess around because it was aniline leather, and asked for recommended care products that I would purchase on my own.
    They said they would have to ask the head office.

    Nearly a month later, still no reply. I email to chase them and they reply 2 days later saying what I told them... basically repeated what I said and posted some text from a furniture website regarding aniline leather. And said that they couldn't recommend any products.

    Frankly this is bulls**t. Mulberry recommends Collonil, BV and Dior do FOC polishing.
    Surely it's not an onerous task to recommend something that I will be purchasing. It's no cost to them.

    Methinks they just want to avoid liability if the product recommended causes the bag to change colour etc, which is inexcusable. They clearly don't know their own leather then