Ani Nadia Large Cargo Bag

  1. What are your thoughts on this bag?


    A yay or a nay?
  2. I had this bag in purple and loved it. :smile:
  3. Anyone know if the dark gray is true to the pic?
  4. Also, is this bag available anywhere else besides Luna Boston? The gray looks nice but the slate is TDF. Anyone know where I could get that?
  5. Wow I thought you couldn't find this bag anywhere anymore. I had one in black and it was great - soft, smooshy, great quality, LOVED the adjustable strap. However, the outer pockets were a little too small to carry a water bottle, which is what I wanted so I sold it. Other than the pocket size, it was a great bag for me! :smile:
  6. And I have it now and I love it! :p
  7. She used to have her own site, but I can't seem to find it anymore. I have the same bag in cognac and it's great! I love the shoulder/messenger option and it's extremely roomy (the pink interior is great!). It was the perfect bag for me after my last one potty-trained but I still needed space for clothes, etc.

    The flip side to the large capacity was that it didn't have a lot of interior organization. Just a couple of side slip pockets.
  8. It's a nay for me. Maybe it's the color.
  9. I had this bag in the Medium size, in some kind of brown vintage leather (I forget the exact name). Anyway, I used it a lot for traveling, and it was great, BUT my hair kept getting caught in the metal rings (there are several rings on the strap so that you can adjust the length from messenger bag to shoulder bag to somewhere in between). It kept pulling my hair and eventually annoyed me so much I had to get rid of it. But I do love the bag and I'm actually kind of sad that I sold it (I should have just put my hair in a ponytail or something, ha). Oh well. :crybaby:

    Here is a picture of me with the Medium. I'm 5'4" tall.
    I've never seen the grey in person, but it looks good and I've been wanting a grey bag for awhile now. The leather quality on the one I had was amazing.

    I heard the company was "taking a break" or something like that, and Luna Boston is the only place you can buy the bags for now.
  10. ^^

    Thanks so much for the pic!! The bag looks awesome on you. I'm thinking maybe the large may be too big. The medium looks like the perfect size. Unfortunately the medium grey isn't on sale. There is a medium in blue but I have tons of blue bags already. Hmmmm, decisions!
  11. I really want the medium in green. The green looks so pretty with the gold hardware.
  12. Sorry! I should have looked at the post closer - yes, I have the medium bag, not the large. The large is too large, IMHO, unless you are going to routinely use it for travel or have a lot to haul around. When I put a lot in it, it could get heavy and the straps are a little thin for a lot of weight...
  13. LOVE IT! I have one in cherry red. It's great how you can wear the handle 4 different ways!!!
  14. I like it :smile:
  15. I actually ended up getting the large Nadia in glossy gray. At first I didn't like it, but after using it I really do like it. The glossy gray leather is smooth and really pretty. The leather smells divine and I love the fuchsia lining. It holds a ton of stuff and is great for travelling or for days when you need to bring a lot of stuff along.

    I like the adjustable strap but wish the shortest length was a bit shorter and the longest length a bit shorter. It is a large bag but it does slouch nicely after it breaks in a bit.