ANI Bags - Sale & Free Shipping

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  1. I emailed ANI Bags to find out where they were sold in LA & they responded by informing me that they were having a online sale.
    See below for the details...


    we are having a sale now if you are interested.

    here is what we have.
    Ladies -

    ANI is having a great blowout sale. Stock is limited and going fast, so
    e-mail us as soon as you can if you are interested in any of the following.

    This sale is for this website only - not the retail stores or other online
    stores. We have extra stock and are looking to make room for more. So pls DO NOT call the stores and ask them to lower their prices, we appreciate it.

    Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Ani & Co.
    Logan - port, cognac, black, tan and cocoa $400 (retail $625)
    Large Nadia - old attic, port (wine), tan, red $390 (retail $495)
    Medium Nadia - black, white, slate blue , tan $350 (retail $475)
    Medium Cameron- cognac, light pink $325 (retail $450)
    Large Cameron - cognac $350 (retail $475)
    Willa - tan $300 (retail $495)
    Medium Olson old attic, cognac , orange and white $200 ($400)

    We take Visa and MC
    Amex via Paypal.
    shipping is free.

  2. I am a fan of these bags, and have promoted them here. You can get similar deals (discount and free shipping) at LunaBoston, JCMadison, and FengJunk if you use the Grechen 20% off codes.
  3. ohh the leather looks yummy, anyone have onE?!
  4. I have one and it's great. (In Googling just now, I see that the code for 20% off at FengJunk is Spring07.) The lovelies over at Makeupalley like them too.