Angry Wife Puts Cheating Husbands Possessions Up On eBay

  1. Fuming wife puts cheating husband's possessions up for sale on eBay

    By IAN SPARKS 18th October 2006

    [​IMG] The pile of men's clothes that have been put up for sale on ebay

    A dumped wife has put her cheating husband's entire possessions up for sale on internet auction site eBay.

    The scathing advert brands the man she has lived with for more than 20 years a 'dirty little weasel'.
    Alongside is a photo of his belongings which have been tossed from an upstairs window and are lying in a heap in the garden.
    The fuming mother-of-two set no reserve price on the auction, but said she would take cash or swap the items for 'a decent single man'.
    The seller from Keighley, West Yorkshire, named on eBay as 395edmondson, added: "These are all the items that were in my husband of six and half years, and partner for 15 years' closet.

    "This includes tops, trousers, boots, socks, underpants and a few bonus items that he didn't have stashed at his new fiancee's house when I found out about the dirty little weasel's affair, though God knows how he was going to get married to her without me finding out.

    "Some of these items might be slightly damp due to them having been chucked out of the bedroom window and sitting in the garden for a bit, since the cheating scumbag hasn't dare show his face since I phoned him, despite his bull**** assurances that he would visit our two young sons.

    "I have since bagged them up and put them in the garage but they may smell a bit damp and mouldy because I sure as hell am not washing and ironing his clothes just in case he has to collect them. Due to this I may have to remove the listing at short notice, but am sure you understand.
    "I would consider swapping for a decent single man."
    The highest bid last night was just 1p, but the sale offer was flooded with questions from curious potential buyers.

    One asked: "Are the sleeves attached, crotches intact and paint free? What size shoes? Any Timberlands? How about his album/CD collection? The woman answered: "Everything is intact at the moment, however if sleeves need removing or you need paint adding I am happy to do alterations at no extra cost."

    One bidder asked: "If I won the auction would you burn them for me?" The seller answered: "With pleasure!" And another cheeky potential bidder asked: "Do you think he did it because you couldn't iron, or is she just younger and better looking?" The woman answered: "Depends whether you fancy fat birds!" The sale is set to end on October 24.
  2. hahaha!! Go her! :smile:
  3. that's my favorite part. :roflmfao:
  4. Ha Ha Ha.:roflmfao: I needed to read something like that. I don't wish this to happen to any woman, and I'm going thru the same thing, but I wish it were me who had posted that. This is great!!!!! Good For Her.:yes:
  5. LOL so funny
  6. Good for her!
  7. haha!
  8. Too funny! Ewwww....damp underpants.
  9. too funny, it's good she can laugh
  10. lol! That is funny! My mom's best friend is going through this right now, and the first thing I told her to do was burn his clothes!
  11. Glad this made you smile! Still sending good thoughts your way!
  12. I chucked a cheating boyfriend's clothes and personal effects into the yard once and locked him out of the house. When he finally staggered home at daybreak I was sound asleep but my neighbor said it was quite hilarious to watch him stumble around gathering up his things. She reported that he had the nerve to complain because I hadn't put his stuff in bags for him!
  13. LMAO!! That was too funny! :roflmfao:
  14. This reminds of of that Faith Evans music video where she sells and burns all of her cheating husband's things and then go on a massive shopping spree at Neimans....

    I would probably not do the same exact thing if this happens to me ... but I will take his credit cards for a spin.... :biggrin:
  15. good for her