Angry me !!! So disappointed.. Need your advice !!

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  1. So angry!! I really need some advice from you all... :sad:

    I bought Taiga 9cc wallet (Black colour) for my DH as a X'mas gift, he's so happy with his 1st LV wallet. But he prefer Brown colour so today we headed down to LV (S'pore Ngee Ann City) to exchange it..

    Reach there abt 3pm today and there was LONG QUEUE, so we waited abt 20mins. When we got in it was so croweded and everyone was busy, one unfriendly SA came to serve us and we state our purpose for visit, after that SHE turns RUDE and check the wallet that we've bought in detail. RUDE SA help us exchange to brown colour without for letting us check, put inside the DIRTY dus bag and gave me a BADLY printed receipt. So i request to re-print again, because is a 1st LV x'mas present for my DH..

    When we reached home, we noticed the "made in france" print is smirched and the opening of the plastic CC holder was on a different side as the one we bought !!!

    Such a disappointment !! :hysteric:
    I've gotten better service buying a wallet from street store!! :cursing:

    Dear all, as we know we could ONLY exchange once. Under such circumstances, can we ask for further exchange?? :confused1:

    HAPPY trip with such BAD ending... :crybaby:
  2. So sorry about your misfortune. Go back to the store and ask for the store manager. Hopefully you'll get a new wallet that's ok. Happy holidays!
  3. i'm so sorry about what happened to you. i am getting frustrated to read bad experiences regarding rude LV SAs. being busy doesn't mean they have the right to be rude or not attentive. it's the christmas season, the more reason they should have been more friendlier and accomodating to customers. and after all, you're a customer, doesn't matter if you're just there to look, to buy or have an item replaced. i hope you get to have your wallet replaced. goodluck!
  4. You need to go back to the store and ask for the manager. Best of luck.
  5. Sounds like you received a damaged item, you should definitely go back and exchange. You may want to call first and speak with a manager so that you don't have to deal with the rude SA again.
  6. Wow... what a rude SA! True, it is the holidays, but they need to learn to have a good attitude when busy and still uphold great customer service. If they can't do either, then working in retail isn't for them.

    Definitely go back and get the right one! I'd mention the SA's behavior to the store manager.
  7. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. If you go back you should be able to exchange it once you explain your situation. Just make sure to do it with a nice SA or the store manager
  8. DAMAGED item !! :tdown:

    Thanks LoVer, koalabear, DesigningStyle, Josephine SD, John 5, BagsRME & girlsgottoshop!!

    I know its the holiday seasons and they're busy all the time. My DH and I waited for 20mins and trust the quality of LV product. But, in the end... :shrugs:

    They really need to learn to have a good attitude and uphold great customer service.

    I definitely go back ask for the store manager and get the right one back! God bless!

    Sigh... Ruin my holiday mood.. :girlsigh:
  9. So sorry! Go back and get a different one for sure.
  10. TAKE IT BACK!!!!! You are paying a lot of money. Heck even if you were paying $20 you are paying for something that you expect to be perfect.
  11. Rudeness just drives me up the wall!
    Talk to a store manager & get your wallet exchanged. And don't be rude yourself, & that will prove to the manager that you didn't deserve that treatment.
    So sorry that happened to you.
  12. Rudeness aside, the item is clearly damaged.
    Return it, ASAP, and remember it's the customer who is always right....
  13. Hey,

    I think it is a known fact that the Singapore LV SAs are all very condescending and rude. They are only happy to cater to the rich tai-tais from overseas who spend loads every visit.

    If you are getting one item (even if it is a Mirage Speedy that cost $3k), they wun give you the time of day.

    I remember when I was at the Ngee Ann branch last week, this SA called Irene snatched the Tivoli PM and Trevi PM from me like she thought I was going to steal it when I was just trying it. I was so shocked!

    Next time go to the DFS branch, they are nicer that. :smile:
  14. Thanks everyone !!
    Last evening i've changed my Taiga wallet back in "prefect" condition.. :tup:

    Reach the same LV store at Ngee Ann City abt 7pm and QUEUE again, buy only waited abt 10mins. As usual it was so crowded and everyone was busy, one SA came to serve me and i state that i'm waiting for the store manager.

    The store manager was really busy, there's a few customer waiting for her too. SHE said "Can i ask another SA to serve u?" I said "I don't want any SA to serve me now and i can wait for you.." She stunned..

    Waited abt 5mins, she came to me and i told her my purpose. She's keep apologize to me and quickly change the NEW Brown Taiga wallet for me with a nice smile.. She told me that the LV store was short of manpower and a thanks for me to keep support LV products..

    Finally *happy ending*... But, my DH warned me "NO MORE LV".. :crybaby:
  15. ^ i`m glad everythings ok now. but understand that after christmas is always the craziest and SA`s don`t have enough patience to last a whole day.