Angry Little Girls

  1. Someone posted about this brand recently. I ordered a tote bag and pretty much forgot about it! I just received it. It is so cute!!

    It was only $24.99. I didn't realize there's also a zipper pocket on the side, a front pocket, a zipper pocket inside and 2 open pockets. It's really a great bag and now I want to get another one :yes:
  2. ooooo... they are so adorable!

    I like this :

  3. I know! I was shocked at how amazingly well made this bag was for a $25 tote. I was expecting two squares swen together. I also bought two little change purses and I love them too.
  4. Too funny! I'll have to check out the line and maybe get something! He! He!
  5. They are adorable! I want to get something for my daughter.
  6. Ohh, those are sooo cute! I love their lil comics! Congrats!
  7. Gina- perhaps it was you whose post I read. I love this tote! It's so "me" :p
  8. I bought a yellow ALG wallet a few weeks ago. I love it! Adds personality to the inside of my bag.
  9. Oh, wow... that's so cool... I like this one:
    "Y'Know, It's Your Friends & Family That Make You Rich." - "I'll Sell 'Em To You." :roflmfao:
  10. [​IMG]

    i like this one! :yes:
  11. Congrats, it's cute!
  12. My friend got me the "Angry Little Asian Girls Don't Do Laundry" T-shirt in Hawaii, so I got her the "Sometimes I Get Tired of My Own *****ing" tote. Such a great line of stuff :yahoo:
  13. Very cute!
  14. So cute. I am getting one!
  15. Those are fantastic! I might need one of those!