Angry Little Girls Tote- Oops!

  1. I purchased this tote months ago. Never used it. Finally decided to wear it the other day while running errands with my family.

    My husband took one look at it and said "What does that say??" :wtf:

    I explained, hey, our kids can't read yet so they don't understand. (Our girls are 4 and 2). He goes- well, what about the OTHER kids who can read?? :nuts:

    Hmm, well, I hadn't thought about that!

    And then my 4 year old comes over to look at it. "Mommy, why is that girl so angry?" :sweatdrop:

    This is the one that I have:

    I don't think I will be wearing this one again. I have to think if I have a friend I can give it to...
  2. :roflmfao: Too funny!!! I love it but I know what you mean about the kids. My dog had a shirt that said, I hate Tinkerbell, that ***** has everything- and I explained it away to my daughter who was about 9 at the time, that it isn't a swear word, it's technically the name for a female dog. Hee hee, guess that wouldn't work for you bag.
  3. teehee!!! awwww...

    angry little girls is so cute though! I have a tote too! I think all the totes are soooo cute! But I don't have much of a use for my tote either... but still cute! :p

  4. i love this series :lol:. my favourite is this -> :nuts: High Threshold For Pain
    High Threshold For Pain.jpg
  5. these are cute! i have this one:
  6. I just looked at the other bags on the website and some of them are hillarious!!! They have some great sale prices too.
  7. lol!
    love your bag!
    love the story even more!

    thanks for sharing!
  8. I have the same bag as you JudieH, but no-one ever commented on it. But on the other hand, English is not the official language here, so maybe thats why :smile:
  9. LOL, you're setting a bad example for your kids!
  10. Hahahaha oh man I love it :roflmfao: Now I want one too :graucho: I had never seen the "angry little girls" brand before... hmmmm I have some browsing to do me thinks :graucho:
  11. haha what cute bags...i love their comics on the website!
  12. I'm on the website and I love the totes!
  13. I gave my friend this one last year for her birthday, and she had planned on taking it with her on a trip. Then she realized "what if kids read it??" She left it at home. :p

  14. LOL, I have never seen this line of bags before. They are hilarious :roflmfao: I could not get it (bad example for the kids), but it is fun-ee.
  15. It would be great if they left that one word off (changed it a little) so you could carry it around without being embarassed.