Angry and advice

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  1. Hi, I posted last time about RH PT 09/2010. I re-ordered from one of Bal store and asked SAs to send me 2010 part time. They didnt have one so they ordered it from Bal Las vegas. I got the bag today and when i open the box, there are no shoulder strap and 2009 PT one.

    So i called both stores, and Las vegas store saying that they are 100% sure that they sent the strap. My friend was there when i got the package from to beginning. what should i DO????

    I am very angry right now it looks like i am lying to get another straps???

    They are going to look the security cam, if they found that they did not send strap, do you think that 'Sorry' is enough??

    I am panic right now.
  2. I'd take the "sorry" and just make sure you can send back the bag free of charge, since they didn't sent you the right bag. Good luck!
  3. ^^ Agree with hedy divine, send your bag back to them as soon as they confirm they have the right year AND a strap for you, and accept their apology.

    I hope it all works out for you.

    Alternative (not sure if this will be messy, though) is to send the bag straight back to them immediately with tracking and to be signed for, get them to refund you the postage you paid from your end for returning it to them, on to your credit card, and wait for them to send you the proper bag, WITH the PT strap.

    In either case, for your own records, make sure you get the name of the person who is handling everything for you, and get the name, phone number and email contact of the person who will sign for the bag when it arrives at their end.
  4. Thanks hedy devine and SkyBlueDay
    The worst thing is, they are 100% sure sent me a strap bag. They will check their security cam for "packing scene". I left the note to the store manager want to talk, but never get back any answers yet. They are saying that I have to pay all shipping fee.
    I will talk Balenciaga headquarters tomorrow. I am really upset about their attitude.
  5. Oh...I forgot to tell you why I am so mad because she said to me "What do you want?"
  6. ok that's so ridiculous. horrible customer service! good luck getting what you really want... what was SUPPOSED TO be there
  7. What do you want???? How about better customer service to start with!!!:smile:
  8. pls5 :I will try

    lolitablueThats right! I was so speachless
  9. Wow that really stinks that you got the wrong year bag plus it missing the strap. If you haven't already asked I'd try to find out if it was shipped out directly from BalLV or if they shipped it too whatever store you originally ordered from. Because if it was sent store to store before it was sent to you it could have been sent with the shoulder strap from BalLV but when they received it at the store you ordered from they could have miss-placed if they inspected it before they sent it too you it's a extra set of hands going threw the item. It's kind of a long shot but it could happen. I think when you talk with the manager again you should really decide before hand if you want to keep the bag and have a strap sent to you or if you want to return the bag. If you want to keep it then they should send you a strap overnight at no cost to you. If you want to return it then they should refund you the shipping cost because they made not one but two mistakes they sent you the wrong year and the item you received was missing a piece. Another thing you may want to do is ask to who ever you talk to is "what would you do if you were in this situation?". It might sound like a silly question to ask but it may help whoever you are talking too see this from your point of view.
  10. I would be upset too. I had no idea they had security cameras recording the packaging of items to be shipped out... but when they find out they made a mistake, I would want a very, very sincere apology. They are making you feel as if you did something wrong!
  11. Quick question.
    I checked the bag and looks a little weird. The handle colors are different.
    Anyone help me?
    Is it normal? i got 2010 black city last month and look same.


  12. Wow, that SA has such a nasty attitude especially if they screwed up packing your order. That is ridiculous.

    If you don't mind me asking, which SA did you work worth?
  13. ^^I'd love to know the same thing!

    Another reason why I dont buy from Bal attitude at all like that from my seller EVER. That is despicable!! :tdown:
  14. Sorry about what you went thru.... and good to know that never order anything from Bal Las Vegas!! What a bad attitude!!:wtf: Perhaps return the bag & order it from someone you can trust .... I am sure many of us can give you name(s) of a trusted SA @ department store to work with....
  15. Which Las Vegas store is this? There are two.

    I don't particularly care for the manager at Ceasars Forum. She has an attitude! My s/a once hid a bag she had on hold for me in the shoe room because her manager would have taken it away and sold it to someone else. She hid the bag because I had words with her manager when on a previous occassion, she sold a bag that was reserved for me to another customer who was ready to hand over her credit card at that moment.

    I'm curious to hear what the security cam reveals!