Angry about Woman who Smoked in Shop

  1. Hi Guys,
    my mum and I went into town today, because she wanted to buy a pantsuit. We went to a shop where they sell really expensive clothes and while my mum tried on a couple of things I wandered around to look a the merchadise. There was a woman sitting on one of the sofas, looking a little bored, I thought that maybe she was waiting for a friend who was in a changing room.
    Then she lit a cigarette! One of the sas asked her politely to extinguish it and she replied very rude that she found that ridiculous and that shopping there used to be fun but not anymore. The sa explained to her that smoking wasn't allowed and that the smell would also affect the clothes.
    The woman left the shop with another rude remark.
    I really don't find that kind of behaviour acceptable, what do you think? Also, she didn't even try anything on, just sat there looking bored, she could have left the shop for a smoke and come back later.
    Regina :cursing:
  2. Completely unacceptable. I am glad that the SA stood up to her and told her to get rid of her awful stinky ciggie!
  3. Yeesh! That's very rude!
  4. TOTALLY unacceptable and I'm a smoker!! I would NEVER EVER light up in a shop, even if it wasn't illegal here in California! Especially a clothing shop!!! Man, just HOW RUDE can one woman be???

    I am so sorry this also affected your shopping experiance. Apparently this woman felt as if her poop didn't stink and she could do anythign she pleased. BAD HUMAN! BAD!
  5. How rude! Obviously she thought she was above the rule.
  6. How rude. One time this guy was smoking in an elevator! Needless to say, I got the hell out.
  7. It's against the law here in Maryland to smoke in stores, restaurants, enclosed public places, etc.

    I imagine that on occasion somebody might be rude enough to do it anyway, just like the lady you encountered.
  8. Completely rude, not to mention possibly unlawful. I smoked on occasion (usually stress-related) and I would never think to smoke inside any establishment (not even my own home), much less give attitude about it. 1) It's a fire hazard 2) It smells up other ppl's property and lastly 3) I may have engaged in a bit of denial for myself but I certainly don't find it alright to subject other ppl to the not-so-pleasant affects of my cig smoke. Some ppl are allergic while others are concerned with second-hand smoke. The nerve of that woman!!
  9. This woman clearly lacks judgement on her part, i am not a smoker, but I have smokers in my family and none of them would light up in a clothing store even if it was legal. Who would want to buy clothes that smell of smoke? Some people seem to go out of their way to look for trouble, I dont get it.
  10. I personally cannot stand smoking, let along smoking from someone as inconsiderate as that! Argh, so glad the SA told her off! If she hadn't I would have made a complaint instead!
  11. You were right to be offended. People shouldn't smoke if there are others nearby who could even accidently inhale their cigarette refuse.
  12. She has no common can't smoke in ANY store!
  13. When I was in Jordan for vaction, They were frekin smoking in the Malls, every where you go they smoke... I am a smoker, but it was weird seeing people smoke in malls.. I felt bad for the kids... Crazy!
  14. What a self-righteous b*tch! No, this is not an okay thing to do.
  15. I can't imagine some of the other things that woman must do....