Angry about bay fees! Since when are they so high?

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  1. I must have been sleeping for a few years. You know how when you don't have a sellers account, you don't really knwo what your final fees are (8.75 % of final sale blah blah), well once you open a bay store, before listing anything it shows you how much the fees will be if the item is sold.

    Well, yesterday I noticed that on the bottom of my $600 listing, it said that if the item sells, I will be paying $57 for it!!! WHAT??? That is crazy!!! Plus the paypal fees, which i m guessing will be $15-20 plus the few bucks insertion fees!!!

    Since when are they that high? I calculated it with a regular (not store) acct, and they are just as high, just that there they don't write it up front, they just say that it will be 8.75%... comes out to be the same...

    I am speechless. I feel like somebody is trying to choke me with fees. All that i was trying, was to sell my $695 nokia phone for less, but now I can't even afford to do that bkz the fees eat up the balance and it's almost not worth at the end!!! I m so upset, since when is it that high?

    I never thought it would be that much. :cursing: . This teaches me a lesson!
    If I don't want something bad enough, there's no way I m buying that anymore, for I won't be able to sell later on after all fees! Times have changed. I m so upset! Yet, people still sell there and even give free shipping! How in the world do they afford that :confused1:.

    (*mods, i don't know if this is the right subforum and if this ranting is allowed, but if not, please correct or delete- thanks*)
  2. post will probably get moved to the *bay subforum. mods'll catch it.
  3. oh, i didn't find that. i had that in my thought but wasn't sure where to find the bay forum. thanks ;)
  4. And you're right. *Bay + PayFoe fees are awful!
  5. fBay increased its fees in mid September (Sep. 16, if I remember correctly). FVFs for fixed-price listings skyrocketed. To avoid these, list your items using the auction format and add a BIN to the auction. You might want to consider listing on Bonanzle, too, where listing is free and fees are low compared to fBay's ($5 for a $350 bag, for example).
  6. Your rant is totally understandable.

    The fees (including PP) do account for about 10% of your sales price.

    However - feebay has us by the neck - as the buyers are on the bay! :cursing:

    I just shrug it off at this point, I have stuff I want to sell and it is too cold to host a yard sale - not that you get anything for nice goods at a yard sale in my city.

    Also - some people have had luck with Bonanzle, and I think they would have had equal luck with the bay (just paid more in fees). Some items that need the exposure feebay offers won't do well on bonanzle. JMHO.

    In the end, I rant and rave about it too - and then take my money and tuck my tail. :sad:
  7. I mark my items way up hoping someone will still buy them, sometimes they do, that' the only way I can get around the fees and still make a fair profit. I have signed up for Bonanzle but really didn't check it out for myself yet. Hopefully more buyers will learn about Bonanzle. I don't think ebay will be no. 1 forever.
  8. E*Bay is ridiculous. The fees are a killer, even when your item doesn't sell. And then when you try to relist or revise it, they restrict your account for 30 days with no way out even if you have a long positive history with the Bay.
    Even though customer traffic isn't that high (yet!) on Bonanzle, I am willing to wait a little longer for my items to sell as my experience so far on there has been nothing but positive.
  9. Is Bonzale safe thou? I m afraid of people who are frauds, and if they get my item and then don't/ or even stop pay, am i screwed? I got my money back via paypal where somebody tried to screw me and DH a few weeks ago YAY! Is bonzale having some kind of security as well?
  10. Bonanzle is not the same as ebay. The only protection you would have is what paypal gives you for off ebay transactions.
  11. None of the websites are "safe." There's always a risk because the scammers are everywhere. However, in a place like Bonanzle you can require money orders, which are safer for the sellers, though they're a greater risk to the buyers.