Angora Carly TASTY SO GOOD!

  1. Ok that's actually a slogan from a really creepy gas station diner I use to live by but still, I just got the medium Angora trim Carly with the PCE discount and OMG it is both tasty and so good!! I've never seen this bag for real and it's amazing!! Why didn't I get this bag forever ago?? She's lovely and I'm so mad because my camera is out of batteries!!! I want to take a photo of my new family, I have a red, white, and blue Carly now, how patriotic is that? BWHAHAHA! But yes! Who else has the Angora Carly, I'm in LUST with her!
  2. Aww, I wish that your camera was up and working! I cant wait to see the beauty, congrats!

  3. PICS - NEED PICS!!!! :nuts::yes:
  4. Oh Candy, I'm so jealous of you!!! We need to see pics! Can't wait until your camera is working...she sounds so lovely!
  5. I'm so envious of your Carly collection! I just saw the angora Carly when I went PCE shopping last weekend and believe me, if I had the funds she would've come home with me. You are right, it's a beautiful bag!
  6. The angora is pretty! I've been looking at it and can't decide if its too light for me or not.

    What blue do you have??
  7. OMG. Candy. Every time I see your name, I see "Carly Palmer." LMAO.
  8. I'm considering one myself for, please!!
  9. I have one!! I'll be wearing her today actually....

    Until "carlypalmer" gets her pics up, here's mine with the matching wristlet.....

  10. I keep seeing a woman where I work come in with a Carly with white trim but I can never get a good enough look at it to see if it's real or not. But I think it is the real thing (angora/khaki).
  11. Very nice SpoiledRotten!!!!:tup:
  12. Very lovely.
  13. Gorgeous bag!
  14. Ohhh me likies.
    Don't show me things like this!!
  15. I'm going to get that with my PCE too, but my store doesn't have it in stock, would they still honor the discount if they have to order it?