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  1. As requested in an earlier thread, pictures of my new angiolettos ^_^ and my new inferno caramella too.



  2. Oh they are sooo beautiful!! Especially the carmella!! Where did you get so lucky?
  3. Omygosh!! your caramella is absolutely PERFECT!!:love:
  4. cute cute cute :girlsigh:congratulations!
  5. eBay, heh. I was stunned to see such great placement, and that no one had picked it up for a couple of weeks.
  6. Oh, and I was a little surprised at how big the caramella was. I thought it was going to be close to the same size as the angiolettos. I'm happy though, I can fit a ton in there.
  7. Me too! I had never seen a Caramella in person before until my L'Amore came today, and it's WAY bigger than I imagined it would be.

    Love love love your Angiolettos!!! Congrats!! :love:

  8. I thought of you when I saw the mummy! I was all "aww, it has my favorite ipod girl and the sister blue mummy!" :biggrin: :love: my friend Matt, who went with me to pick it up, just went "girls....." :huh: :blink::nogood:
  9. Wow, you have such yummy tokis :drool: Congratulations!!
  10. I am totally dying for an angioletto over here!! Yours are gorgeous :smile:
  11. wow..congrats on ur pretty angiolettos!! and ur inferno caramella is just perfect:biggrin:
    it has all my fave characters from thee print!
  12. Awww, how sweet! I think he's my all around favorite character.

    I associate people here with their avatars too...even now that we've seen photos of almost everyone!

  13. Same :smile: I'm always thrown off when people change their avatars, it's like seeing someone with a completely different haircut.
  14. Me too!! I always have to get used to the new picture~ I always see a different one pop up, and I wonder if it's a new person :p
  15. gingiemay - I think were all dying for angiolettos over here! :p boohoo...