Angiolettos Anyone?

  1. I'm currently obsessing about Angiolettos!! Can you guys post some pics so I can drool all over myself?:drool:

  2. Here's my OP and Olive Cammo PG angiolettos (sorry for big pics):


    I wish they still make angiolettos, I like the size and proportion better than the portatelefono. I wish kill for a tan PG one and wouldn't mind getting a Black Cammo PG one either, but they are so hard to come by. I was lucky to get the ones I have.
  3. i loove yours qtiekiki.. the OP one is TDF i am so jealous! wish i'd gotten into toki earlier when things were easier to find. someone sold a tan PG one earlier this week :p
  4. I'll take some pics of mine and post them. I have every one :shame:
  5. You have 2 of some of them. I am so jealous. You should really consider selling one of your tan PG. :graucho:

    kkiimm - I got those the last couple of months. I was able to get the OP from Yahoo Taiwan auction and the Olive Cammo was from vmasterz. I paid over retail, but it was worth it.
  6. You're so cute!! I have 2 of some of them because one is mine and one is my boyfriend's :rolleyes:... he keeps his wallet in there...we call it a man purse! :nuts:
  7. Ah, I wish I knew how to work those Yahoo Japan/Taiwan auctions.. but I'm sure my bank account would suffer a bit then :sweatdrop:

    Definitely worth it since it's a DCed style :biggrin:
  8. qtiekiki - :heart: your angiolettos. I really want an OP angioletto. Last one I saw on eBay I think was nearly $200 and I just couldn't do it.:tdown:

    Here is my Tan PG angioletto:

    an1.jpg an2.jpg
  9. What do these look like inside? Are they pretty much just like a Port but bigger/
  10. qtiekiki: nice angiolettos! wish i had your OP.

    angelic*ruin: Great placement on your tan PG! I love the dog (nero?) and baby adios. I can't wait for mine new one (your old one) to get here.

    I have a Olive Cammo angioletto I got from the web site ages ago. But it is much loved and no longer photo worthy...
  11. They have an inside pocket, which I really like and wish the porta did. And the outside pocket is velcro and doesn't hide the print like the mesh on the porta does.

    Inside pic (the open pocket is on other side of logo patch)

  12. Wait. they have an outside pocket? Can someone post a pic of that?
  13. Yay!! You guys rock!! :rochard:Thanks for posting pics of your little angels!!

    qtiekiki - your OP is sooooo cute!! I WANT!! What does the other side look like?
    BTW, poor angiolettos, you don't even use them!! They still have tags!! :wtf:

    angelic*ruin - Thanks for posting both sides. I always wondered if they had that meshy mess the portos have. I don't like it!! - it covers the print. What's the point?!??!!! :confused1:

    JenY - I agree with qtiekiki you should get rid of some. If you love something, let it go. You know you wanna sell those are getting sleepy, sleepy:sleepy:

    OooooH!! An inside pocket. Yummmm!! Now I want one even more!! OMG, the more Toki I see the more I want!! I think I want everything!!

    P.S. More pics, please!! :nuts:
  14. WHAT OUTSIDE POCKET??!! :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  15. Here is a pic of the outside velcro pocket.