Angie's Worried She's Losing Brad To Jen: Life&Style Oct. 16, 2006 :0

  1. Like this wouldn't be the biggest upset in celebrity coupledom. Trudging through so much only to end up back in each other's arms? Damn if that's not the most romantic idea I've had all week. (Next to Nick and Jess getting back together). Part of me still sees Brangelina functioning for a while down the line, but the new Life&Style has me imagining future days of Jenn and Brad! Check this out!
  2. It must be a slow news day for Life and Style. I highly doubt this is true!
  3. Yea, I don't think this is true either.
  4. Scrape that barrel! Yep, must be a slow celeb news day.
  5. This poster ONLY Posts headlines from Life & Style. . . .
    pretty obvious who someone works for!
  6. You have to admit - these tabloid journalists sure have a VERY good imagination! :roflmfao:

  7. LOL :yes:
  8. Doubtful!
  9. Though I am not a fan of brangelina but I believe the magazine wrote it because there is nothing else out there and want to make a sell.
  10. i'm pretty much skeptical about anything these magazines say
    but it doesn't stop me from reading them :rolleyes:

    and while I wished that Brad and Jen would get back together in the beginning, I dont see that happening only because he and Angie have a baby together, (well, 3) and you can't just leave your baby's mom just because everyone else thinks that she's a homewrecker..
  11. no, i don't think that's true.... so many other news pointing to brad and angie staying together...
  12. I doubt it.
  13. I truly don't believe everything I read
  14. Just gossip to sell mags.
  15. I wish it was true