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  1. hi all!
    saw a kooba angie and loved it! the leather is tdf!!! the only thing is that it comes in "stone" only and it's a light color and i'm TERRIFIED that i wouldn't be able to keep it clean...any suggestions? anyone have one and have any experience with that color? should i get this bag!?!?!
    Angie - Kooba Official Store
    thanks for help!!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  2. p.s. can it be worn year round? it's not "white"'s a light color, but definitely not a white..
  3. There have been a few of us with light-colored Koobas that have found them difficult to keep clean, though I don't believe anybody has discussed the Angie. Many of the gals here swear by Wilson's Leather spray to protect the bag from stains.

    I think it's a cute bag... and you definitely could wear it year-round, IMO. I personally love the light-colored leathers, but I'm too tough on my bags to keep them nice! :smile:
  4. i'm VERY tough on my bags...maybe i shouldn't get it?
  5. Hey,

    I think it also comes in two python colors. Taupe and Black. But if regular leather is what you like then stone is it. I love the Angie in all the colors but it's too big for me.
  6. yeah, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the stone, but i am SO hard on my bags...looking for those of you with some experience with stone color...i love the bag and love the way it feels, but, i am SO tough on my bags...