Angie Harmon & Carmen Electra Pictures

  1. This question is for the purseforum members who uploaded several pictures of Angie Harmon, Carmen Electra, and Jessica Simpson with their Cabas totes in the "Celebrities and their LV's" thread. I know Angelina Jolie has both the Cabas Mezzo and the Cabas Piano. I really like Angie Harmon's Cabas tote... does Angie Harmon have the Piano or the Mezzo? (Sorry don't know how to upload pictures here because I don't have URL's for the pictures.) And what about Carmen Electra and Jessica Simpson? I'm guessing that Carmen Electra has the Piano and Jessica Simpson has either the Mezzo or Alto (not sure which), but I really can't figure out Angie Harmon's cabas tote- it seems like it's bigger than a Piano but smaller than a Mezzo...
  2. I saw Carmen with the Piano and Jessica with the Mezzo (on her luggage cart, squished to death).
    I think I saw Angie with a Piano... not sure.
  3. Carmen & Angie = Piano
    Jessica = Alto
  4. Thanks!!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Chloe Sevigny.. does this pic show?
  7. Angie Harmon
  8. Alto?
  9. Jessica's bag getting squished
  10. Here's that CaCee girl with [​IMG]a Mezzo
  11. Thanks! So the picture of Angie Harmon on post #7 by sharona (thanks sharona) is a Cabas Piano? It looks bigger than a Piano. Anyhow I like that size.

  12. It's the larger one, the Mezzo :yes:
  13. Thanks-
  14. Just discovered that Angie Harmon has the Cabas Mezzo, but she's 5'10" so the bag looks smaller on her taller body (especially if she has heels on) than someone who's of average height like Jessica Simpson who is 5'3". Carmen Electra is also 5'3".