Anger. Poor Citta Denaro.

  1. My citta denaro came yesterday.

    I so excited as it had my perfect placement, and as i take it out of the package, not only is it very used, but dirty. The used part I didn't care about, she even wrote "gently" used, but every edge on the back is dirty or slighty worn, the inside pink lining has smudges and etc.

    Now I emailed her, politely and she responded that she'd refund my money etc apologized...

    should I try to clean it up first? Or refund? I haven't seen this placement and it's pretty fantastic just dirty.


    Also she attached some fake chain with really worn cards.

    Here are the photos:

    sorry they probably don't show up as well, reason why i couldn't see the dirt in the photos before, I had to use the close range camera function to get that to show, but it's very noticeable in person.
  2. oh i'm sorry about that...did you get it on eBay?
  3. yes, i mean it's not horrible, but i've bought gently used things and this is at the very least used.

    getting some photos.
  4. sorry to hear about that..... if you really love the placement, maybe you should try to clean it up a little first? and if you're still not happy with it, you could return it.
  5. Wow, its really dirty! Unless you got it for a really cheap price, return it.
  6. it was 51 + shipping.

    I think I'm going to try to clean it with those mr.clean erasers and if it is still not what I want then I will return it for the refund.

    I just am angry I love Beppe the Scooter Guy and Moofia, so prefect and DIRTY!
  7. I agree. I was going to suggest you try the Magic Eraser and maybe a Tide pen first. If it's your perfect placement and knowing that Citta denaros are getting harder to find and it's not like you paid over retail. You might also ask the seller for a discount, maybe $10 back??? They might go for it rather than having to relist and it will save you shipping it back.

    If it still doesn't clean up with the Tide pen or Magic Eraser, then I'd say return it.
  8. Oh, thats not so bad, I thought u paid over retail for it. yeah, u can ask the seller for a partial refund for your time and material costs to clean the denaro. Good luck Dawn!
  9. yea, i'd be *(&*&(&&*(& mad if i paid over retail, i'm just angry misrepresentation is why I hate eBay.

    thanks for all of your reponses, I will clean it tonight after I'm done writing exams!

  10. The Mr.Clean magic erasers do wonders,it is really cute,i would try to clean it up before you decide to return it :yes:
  11. Yeah, that is dirty...too bad too, I can see it has good characters. If you really like the placement, maybe try and clean it as good as you can and if you're still not happy..take the refund?
  12. I'm sorry. Ugggh. And this is why I'm ok paying a bit more with a BIN from a very reputable seller instead of taking my chances on a bargain.

    Although, if you try to clean it and it makes it worse, the seller might not appreciate the return in that case. Hmmm.

    Oh, I'm no help. Good luck!
  13. I'm sorry! It's actually not that noticeable. If you didn't point it out I probably wouldn't have noticed it. But def try the magic eraser... I love that thing!
  14. good luck socprof!! It does look really dirty at the corners :yucky: but I hope the magic eraser works some magic!!
  15. hope all the dirt comes out. good luck!