Anger on ebay

  1. I don't like it when the bag is clearly authentic and people are still asking if the bag is authentic. Whenever I reply yes, they don't believe me and still believe that it's fake. I take even more pictures and same thing. Grr... I'm glad I'm not exploding in those messages she sends to me.
  2. Hello Im new here, so you sell on ebay? Is it from your personal collection?
  3. I know what you mean!!! I once asked my sister in law to sell my Speedy 30 on eBay and she put in the description "The bag is authentic so please don't bother asking about it's authenticity" and this MORON asks a question "Why no questions about authenticity? IS IT FAKE?!" We didn't know wether to laugh or cry!!!:lol:
  4. Well, some people are just overly cautious because of all the scammers on ebay and everywhere. Maybe their new too?? Try not to get too upset.
  5. Also people are scared no a days but I guess if you going to buy a bag from ebay you have to be willing to take some risks, one question about authenticity is good.
  6. It's pretty silly, I mean, if someone is lying about authenticity of the bag anyways, it's likely that if you ask, you'd get a lie back anyways !!
  7. Sorry, I am not allowed to sell on TPF.
  8. Evolkatie ~ You Know It's Not You......It's eBay. With All The Fakes ~ People Just Want To Be Sure........I Know It Can Get Frustrating!!! But, In The End You'll Have The Money! :smile: .....We Are Here For You......:smile:
  9. Lol, it's crazy. On my listing there's probably about 35 pictures showing the bag in every different angle.
  10. I wish people could sell or exchange bags here.
  11. you can if/when you meet the criteria Vlad posted ;)
  12. Me too
  13. Swanky, where is the criteria? I clicked on the Market Place, but it says that I don't have access.
  14. People will always ask, it brings peace of mind, and sometimes you can trip fakesters up when they come back with bum numbers or other crap excuses.
  15. It really is just being overly cautious, and rightly so.
    Ebay is a shark tank.

    As a buyer I try to be extra discerning of who I purchase from and as a seller I always try to be as accomodating as need be so that anyone who buys has total confidence in what I'm selling.