Anger Management

  1. Sean Penn and other famous people who got caught blowing their tops:

    Russell Crowe may have a Beautiful Mind, but he apparently lost it on June 6, 2005, when he couldn't dial his wife in Australia at 4 a.m. from his swanky Soho hotel room. After ripping the offending phone from the wall, Crowe threw it at the face of Mercer Hotel employee Nestor Estrada. On November 18, 2005, the "Gladiator" star (pictured with wife Danielle Spencer) pleaded guilty to third-degree assault before a Manhattan judge, who ordered Crowe to pay a $160 court surcharge and released him without jail time on condition he not be arrested for the next year.

    Alec Baldwin is elite among Hollywood's irate after he not only covered a paparazzo's truck with shaving cream, but allegedly punched the photographer in the nose and broke his glasses in 1995. The photographer, Alan Zanger, had been trying to photograph Baldwin outside the home where the actor lived with then-wife Kim Basinger. Baldwin claimed he acted in self-defense, and a jury acquitted him of misdemeanor assault charges. A jury in a civil trial, however, found both parties responsible, but awarded damages to Zanger in the amount of $4,500.

    Liza Minnelli's estranged husband David Gest claimed in a 2003 lawsuit that the singer repeatedly beat him in drunken rages. Gest sued Minnelli for $10 million, claiming she threw a lamp at him, punched a security guard, and choked one of Gest's male employees. The beatings, Gest said, were so severe that he required "11 prescription medications per day, some more than once." Minnelli countersued, accusing him of theft and "improper conduct." Later, Minnelli's long-time driver and bodyguard sued her for $100 million, claiming Minnelli beat him and forced him to have sex with her.

    Singer Kid Rock, aka Bob Ritchie, assaulted disc jockey Jerry Campos in a Nashville club on Feb. 16, 2005, after a disagreement between Campos and one of Ritchie's friends. He pleaded no contest to criminal assault and was given a suspended sentence of nearly a year in jail, but was also ordered to attend anger management classes and pay to replace Campos' eyeglasses. Campos is suing Kid Rock for more than $500,000 in connection to the incident.

    Fitness guru Richard Simmons flew into a rage at an Arizona airport in March 2004 when a fellow passenger spotted the celebrity and shouted, "Look, Richard Simmons. Drop your bags, let's rock to the '50s." The 54-year-old "Sweatin' to the Oldies" icon allegedly stormed over and slapped the man on the face, saying, "It's not nice to make fun of people with issues." Police arrested Simmons for misdemeanor assualt, but the charges were ultimately dismissed after a settlement was reached.

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  2. Actor Burt Reynolds became livid when a CBS assistant producer began asking too many questions at the New York premiere of the 2005 remake of Reynolds' 1974 movie "The Longest Yard." Reynolds was caught on camera snapping, "You don't know anything about the movie?" When the producer admitted he hadn't seen the original, Reynolds said, "What the hell kind of guy are you?" and slapped him. Reynolds' spokesman later said the "tap" was playful, "as if to say, 'Well, that's not really nice.'" No charges were filed.

    Before becoming hubby to actress Kate Hudson, Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson was cited for spitting on a woman during a verbal altercation in a Denver 7-11 back in 1991. According to an account by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the woman had never heard of the Black Crowes, and Robinson retorted that perhaps she would have if she didn't eat so many Twinkies. The singer received six months' probation.

    Love hurts, especially when she's armed with a bottle. Rocker Courtney Love pleaded no contest February in a Los Angeles courtroom to assaulting a woman in April 2004 with a liquor bottle after finding her curled up asleep on Love's ex-boyfriend's couch. Singer Kristin King testified that Love sat on her, pulled her hair, dug her nails into her arm, slapped her mouth, chipped her tooth and grabbed her left breast in the "worst pinch I ever had." Initially charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, Love agreed to anger management counseling, random drug testing and three years' probation for a lesser charge.

    Renowned for his violent temper in and out of the ring, former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson unleashed his rage on a Toyota Solara in December 2004. Police say the belligerent boxer jumped on the hood of the car during a drunken rage outside the Pussycat Lounge nightclub in Scottsdale, Ariz. Tyson allegedly shouted obscenities at the driver, while causing about $1,500 in damages to the car. Police charged him with misdemeanor criminal damage.

    Season two "American Idol" contestant Corey Clark was ousted after he failed to disclose to the show's producers that he was once arrested for assaulting his younger sister. After fading into obscurity, he reemerged into the limelight by alleging he had an affair with one of the show's judges, singer Paula Abdul. On June 22, 2005, he was charged with misdemeanor battery for a food fight with CDC Records executive Laura Kathleen Troy in Sacramento's Sheraton Grand Hotel. He issued a public apology, claiming the incident was a "huge misunderstanding" and that the food fight "lasted only a few minutes."
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  3. Sean Penn first revealed his hatred of paparazzi in 1986, when he opened fire on press helicopters covering his wedding to Madonna. In 1987, he served 32 days in jail for assaulting an extra on the set of the movie "Colors" who reportedly tried to take snapshots, and in 1998, a photographer accused Penn of hitting him with a rock as he videotaped the actor and his father walking along a road. Penn once admitted, "Yeah, I punched them out and I'll do it again if it's necessary. I think a fist in their face is the only way to protect my private life."

    Magazines will pay paparazzi top dollar for photos of camera-shy couple Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. But snappers Saul Lazo and Jose Gonzalez got more than they bargained for when they caught the pair leaving Hollywood's Chateau Marmont on Nov. 6,2004. Diaz allegedly attacked Lazo, hitting him in the neck and tripping him to the ground. Timberlake allegedly jumped in front of Gonzalez to block the lens, and began yelling, "What ... are you going to do, man?" The photographers sued for assault and battery, emotional distress and physical harm. The celebrity duo reached an undisclosed settlement with the photographers in June.

    Only first class will do for Grace Jones, who allegedly attacked a train manager in England when the woman refused to let Jones upgrade without paying more. The company, Eurostar, claimed Grace grabbed the manager while swearing at her in French and English, and was later ejected. Jones denied any physical confrontation. The statuesque actress, perhaps best known for her roles in "Conan" and "A View to a Kill," first gained a reputation for being a tad touchy when in 1981 she physically attacked a TV talk show host who had turned his back on her.
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