Angel's Wing Earrings

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  1. My daughter has for asked a pair of sterling silver angel's wings earrings for her birthday. The picture she showed me looks a lot the X-Men3 kid's (Phoenix?) spread wings. Also, apparently Nicole Richie was seen with a pair of these.

    Does anyone have a clue where I can find these? I like to spoil her for her day:heart: :heart: , as long as she doesn't go overboard, and I must say she usually doesn't. Thank you in advance.
  2. I have the CUTEST pair of angel wing earrings that I bought from Urban Outfitters! You can get them in either silver or gold...they were like 20 bucks:smile:
  3. The pair I have are the silver ones. I bought them at Nordstroms for around $10-$15 dollars I think. This was a few months ago though.
  4. Urban outfitters .. yes... a more expensive version would be by Lena Wald..

    try looking around Shopbop for her stuff... or
  5. I sell them for only $5.99. I have the gold ones in stock but I have to check for the silver ones. The ones I have are not sterling silver though. The Urban outfitter ones are not sterling silver either. =)
  6. I got a pair of those earrings shown above at Claire's. The Urban Outfitters ones feel like better quality though.