Angelitos de Oro 20% Off Shopping Event...

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  1. Any other Bottega Venetas having the 20% off sale this weekend/week in addition to South Coast Plaza (one of my favorite places to shop, by the way) and the San Francisco Bottega Veneta?

    Any one?
  2. Lots of exclusions! Mostly only RTW, shoes, fashion jewelry, SLGs. No Cabat, knot, exotic, most handbags, Nero, ebano.
  3. the ones that qualify are the red/pink/black and one more color of medium venetas....i was there over the weekend...

    sorry i don't know the actual names of the color...
  4. Scottsdale Bottega Veneta has a Care Card (to benefit Ryan House). Same deal as the others 20% off. SLGs include black and browns so if you want to stock up on classic SLGs now is a good time. If you need a good SA ask for Krista.
  5. Krista is wonderful. I do charge sends and communication is always prompt.