Angelina's Histoire Bag

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  1. Well, I went for it..But I picked the oxblood patent leather. Wish I could post it, but not that savvy. NM has it on their site. Does anyone have any info regarding the care of patent? Do I have to baby it?
  2. Unfortunately I can't help you with the patent leather, but I would sooo love to see your bag! I saw it in NM website last week and it's gorgeous.
  3. Thanks, Karo. I'll try to get someone to help me at work tomorrow get a picture posted. After I bought it, my cousin and I went for lunch in NYC and we saw Ivana Trump come in with her gorgeous young boyfriend on her arm. Totally didn't even see what kind of bag she had.
  4. Please do post how to care for patent leather. I just bought my Histoire bag in black patent. LOOVE it!!