Angelina's bag--id please

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  1. Do you have any better photos? These are so blurry and small I can't tell anything from them.
  2. Maybe Michael Kors or Dolce & Gabbana? It's difficult to tell without seeing better details...
  3. Kinda looks like Michael Kors
  4. ^^It must be Bally...just a version of that bag without the ribbing detail. It's lovely!!
  5. I spoke to an SA at the Madison Ave. store in NY. He checked with his PR rep and the bag she's carrying is indeed by Bally. It's called the "Zarat" but isn't available in the US market. It's the same style as the Zante but is larger and the leather has no ribbing.

    BTW, the SA said Bally is running a good sale now--some bags at 60% off.
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    LINK to the image in case it doesn't work

    Anyone know what this one is? Another Anya Hindmarch perhaps?
  7. It's Valextra. :flowers:
  8. ^Thanks!
  9. Thanks!!!