Angelina too thin?

  1. based on these photos from Perez I have to say YES! The 2nd photo is alarming IMO.
    I can appreciate true thin-ness, but she does not look healthy at all IMO:nogood:
    Has She Gotten Too Skinny????

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    An alarmingly thin Angelina Jolie on the set of her new movie, Wanted, shooting overnight in Chicago on Thursday.
    We miss your curves, girl!
  2. Angelina has always been thin but she looks a lot thinner in these pics! Very frail looking!
  3. I wish I am that thin.
  4. In the second pic it almost looks like she is emaciated underneath her clothes.
  5. I hope that you are wishing to be a healthy looking thin as opposed to the thin that Angie looks in that 2nd pic.

    I'm thinking its just the way she's standing in the 2nd pic thats making her look so thin. No?
  6. I agree that the angle of the second picture and the shadows make her look worse than she probably is, but even her calves look thin and shapeless. I don't find it to be either a healthy or attractive look. And with how frail her legs look it makes her feet look positively enormous.

    In Tomb Raider she actually had a bust line and I think she was far more attracted than the emaciated look she is sporting now.
  7. her face looks too thin, I can lines that didn't use to be there and under her eyes is dark.
    I don't think it's her funny position in the 2nd photos, only her top half is angled weird, it's actually her bottom half that is alarming to me.

    She used to be breathtaking, like in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, now she's concerning.
  8. I think she has also had a stressful time this past year-- traveling, her mother's death, four very young children, etc. Some people turn to food for comfort and other's turn away from it.
    She is still beautiful and hopefully feeling better--gotta say, she looks happy.
  9. brad please feed angie. she has 4 kids, she needs to a better role model for them and EAT.
  10. Wow. She's skinny. And the camera adds like 10 pounds too....:tdown: Not even attractive anymore really. Just a boney hanger with a dress....
  11. I think the stress has gotten to her.
  12. nah.....she looks great.
  13. She's way too thin, I know it's the stress etc, but she should really gain some weight quickly.
  14. too thin..
  15. She does not look well. :sad: