Angelina seems to have settled in nicely

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    Looking casual in a $235 men's cashmere sweater from Theory, Angelina Jolie was spotted playing the role of doting mother yesterday as she picked up son Maddox at his new school in New Orleans.

    Despite a recent report from Star magazine suggesting the actress/humanitarian was suffering from an eating disorder following the death of her mother, Angie appeared healthy and in good spirits, even chatting with other parents who were waiting for their kids. :smile:
  2. Angelina looks great, and she's such a beautiful person. She is a few who look marvelous without makeup and I envy that.
  3. are her sunnies from tom ford?
  4. she still looks gorgeous, even dressed down and casual like that.
  5. I love anything from Theory!! That sweater looks so chic yet cozy!
  6. She looks great!
  7. She is such a natural beauty!!
  8. she's a beautiful gal with or without makeup.
  9. I think she's a natural beauty . . but am I the only one seeing her arm in that far right pic?:shocked: What is she now, about 85lbs?
    She looks VERY unhealthy.
  10. So beautyful!
  11. i know that she was close to her mother, it wouldn't surprise me if she's lost some weight while grieving, as many people do (many also GAIN weight). i'm sure she'll return to a normal weight for her body as she works through what must be an awful time for her.

    she's probably one of my favorite female stars, and i think she still looks wonderful, even while grieving and with no makeup.
  12. Swanky I don't think she looks healthy either :shrugs:
  13. OMG, thank goodness...I was thinking, "what! she looks horid...pale, thin and tired"
  14. She is so skinny recently imo. But she always looks gorgeous.
  15. Woah, you are right. The arm is scary.