Angelina says being Naked helps her open up

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  1. Taken from People

  2. Brad Pitt could help me "open up"!
  3. Ummm I think he could help me open up too. But I am not sure if he were in the bathtub with me that I would want to talk :graucho:
  4. I think that they make a great couple. Maybe she feels like when she is naked she has nothing to hide and I am sure that it is not about sex like everyone is probably thinking. I like to hear people talking about the cute thing their kids do b/c the smile that comes across their face is so real. I can't wait to see that movie.
  5. Okay.
  6. Hot![​IMG]
  7. No offence Megs but I am seriously sick of hearing of this womans sexuality! Don't knows who is more sick right now her or me! Yeuch!
    She has adopted all of these children, time she thought of them & kept her private life private! She is one sick individual!
    "Get naked & I'll talk", Knife sex turns me on! what next from this screwed up woman?
  8. ^^ OMG!! i dont know why but that cracked me up! i agree though, what is she talking about she has trouble opening up???

    virtually everyday there is a new interview out of her spilling, what seems like, EVERY DETAIL OF THEIR LIVES!
    i have seriously had enough already:sick:
  9. Why does nudity always have to be sexual? It isn't inherently so.
  10. Good for Angie, she's always a very interesting individual.
  11. i really like angie and the fact that she's frank and open about things. i don't think she's talking about her sex life at all here.
  12. I might be in the minority here, but I am still disturbed by the fact that she slept with and stole a married man from his wife, and now brags publicly about their wonderful life together. Makes me cringe a little.
  13. I agree!! I wish I could be open and honest about things like her.
  14. Me also & the fact that she has to publicly brag about her sexual deviation, I am referring to the knife sex here.
  15. I love both Jen and angelina, and I don't see anything wrong with her talking about this. At least she's not the typical Hollywood airhead, and I respect that. Anyone who is extremely famous, we're going to get sick of hearing about. No matter what they are talking about.