Angelina Pregnant Again !

  1. November 2, 2006

    Angelina Jolie is reportedly pregnant with her second child with Brad Pitt.

    The "Tomb Raider" star - who is currently in India with Brad and their children filming "A Mighty Heart" - is said to have been trying to conceal a baby bump and her feelings of morning sickness on set. ​

    A source told America's Star magazine: "She was wearing a baggy outfit and a big scarf. When she got out of the car, she walked straight to the building, and she was messing around with the scarf, trying to cover herself with it. "I heard she's not able to hold down food very well either." ​

    It has also been claimed that Angelina - who wore similar baggy dresses and cover-up shawls when she fell pregnant with her five-month-old daughter Shiloh Nouvel last year - has stopped taken her birth-control pills and is instead taken pre-natal vitamin supplements. ​

    Angelina reportedly fainted three times last month after arriving in Pune, in India. ​

    Sources say Brad, 42, and Angelina, 31, are both delighted about the pregnancy. ​

    The "Ocean's Thirteen" actor is allegedly keen to have a son, and has made no secret that he wants to expand their family, stating recently that he would like at least six children, enough to make a mini-soccer team. ​

    Brad and Angelina already have two adopted children, five-year-old son Maddox, who is Cambodian, and Ethiopian daughter Zahara who is 22-months-old. ​
  2. Good for her (provided it's true)!!!
  3. Hmmm, that's pretty fast...I wonder if it is true.
  4. Pregnancy is sooo the new black
  5. ^You goofball! LOL!

    I've heard that a few times now.. . wonder if it's true{?}
  6. LMAO! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: That's actually true!

    I hope it's true! I personally LOVE them together!
  7. Wow! That was really fast..
  8. bleah
  9. Wow, for Brad that would be getting 4 kids in a span of a few years!
  10. Back in black??
  11. :yes: I think I'm the only person who ever dislike these two. Angie always equaled :yucky: to me, though.
  12. you mean the new pink!
  13. I doubt that's true and I really hope it isn't... I miss brad when he was with Jen..
  14. Good for her. Hope she is healthy as well as the baby if it is true.
  15. You are too funny:rolleyes: