Angelina, Picks Up Maddox From School

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  1. [​IMG]

    Angelina Jolie takes a hands-on approach to parenting Monday as she picks up son Maddox, 5, after school in New Orleans, where the actress and partner Brad Pitt have set up house while he films on location. The globe-trotting actress was just in Vietnam last week, where she took a meeting on behalf of the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Project, the charity she established to help her son's native country of Cambodia.
  2. Goodness, she looks unhealthily skinny:wtf: !! Her legs look like Kate Bosworth's or Mary-kate Olsen's.
  3. ^^ That's what I was thinking, she's way tooo skinny. Her legs and arms are so thin!
  4. She is beautiful
  5. [​IMG]

  6. She 's gorgeous as ever but I agree - looking a little on the skinny side!!
  7. Maddox looks like he had a nice day at school. Look at his lil face!:yes: and those socks with his sandels! Too cute!
    It is nice to see him looking like a regular preschooler not, a token in his mothers publicity campaign.
  8. I wish she would give that kid a normal haircut. That grown out mohawk is so annoying. He's cute though.

    Angelina has no butt.
  9. He's sooo cute! and I love his little mohawk!
  10. ITA!! The Mohawk is adorable!! :love:
  11. i think Angelina is beautiful and Maddox is just so cute.
  12. CUTE pics!!! AJ looks great and Maddox is just adorable!:tender:
  13. oh my God, what is happening to Angie???? she is very skinny.She is loosing her beauty!
  14. I think she is gorgeous, BUT oh my she is getting very skinny. Why!!! Is she doing a role that requires her to be THAT thin?
  15. Her legs are tinnnnnyyyy here, but she does look great