Angelina Jolie's lipsticks and lipglosses

  1. I still can't get over her beautiful lips. Everytime I see a picture or a movie with her in it, the shades of lipgloss or lipstick is so beautiful.

    It always make me ask, what brand and shade is she wearing?

    Can anyone help me guess or get correct information on the brands that she uses and the shades?
  2. I'd sure like to know too!:yes:
  3. No idea! It appears to be something very neutral/natural such as a nude color or a matching sheer tint. She is on the cover of Marie Claire for July... you could check on the inside covers for the makeup info.
  4. I know on the MC cover it looks more like a light mauve but she loves nude lips a lot. I found this article. I don't know how old it is.

    Angelina's hair has varied from many styles and colors over the years. But for the past few years, she has kept her hair quite long, and dark (now a light brown). Her hair style works best on people with medium to thick, straight hair. If you would like to get your hair cut like Angelina's, ask for a long, straight cut with minimal long layers, and keep your hair trimmed every six weeks to prevent split ends.

    Makeup Tricks:
    Angelina uses a softer image now that she has a mom. Angelina has "gorgeous skin, and she does not like heavy makeup," her makeup artist, Matin Maulawizada says. He preps Angelina's face with Lierac Aqau D moisturizer ($45), as it is a light cream and creates a soft-focus effect. For makeup, Matin mainly uses Laura Mercier products. After sponging on Honey Beige foundation ($38), he brushes Secret Camouflage concealer No. 3 ($27) around Angelina's nose, lips and under her eyes. Matin then applies Translucent powder ($30) with a puff to set the makeup, and then brushes Filtered Brown Face tint ($20) on cheek apples for a hint of color. Next, he rims Angelina's eyes with pure kohl (such as Guerlain Terracotta Loose Khol powder, $25) and smudges the outer corners for a smokey effect. Matin then dusts Laura Mercier Pure White (eye shadow, $18) on lids and applies Thickening mascara ($19). For finishing touches, Matin dabs a beige lipstick, Discretion ($18) on Angelina's lips.

    Here is another article from ivillage.,,9llb,00.html

    And another:
  5. go to and click on makeup breakdown. you can find angelina jolie's makeup in her movies.
  6. Her favourite lipstick is Folio by MAC which seems to be discontinued by now. She also loves Lancôme [SIZE=-1]Dreamsicle Juicy Tube.[/SIZE]
  7. EDIT: The name of this JT is 'Simmer' but it smells like a dreamsicle. It's a light nude-golden peachy-pink colour.

    Her other favourite JT was 'Chilled', it's a natural beige colour with some sparkles.
  8. guerlain's kiss kiss lipstick in 540 (envie de beige), or 480( from the divinora line, but sad to say this has been D/C)..the perfect nude...and Mrs. Pitt loves it....
  9. That's great! That is a lot more response then I have expected! I need to check out those shades and see if they would suit me.

  10. simmer is a great gloss. i get a lot of compliments when i wear it and it smells yummy! :yes:
  11. I was reading through People the other day and noticed there was a small article on Angelina's nude lip color. Her new fav is Chantecaille in charm. Not only is it a high shine gloss but it is also a lip plumper and in that perfect shade of nude that she wears so well. You can find it at
  12. Thanks for the chantecaille lip tip...
  13. ^^The Chantecaille website indicates that her favorites are "Charm" and "Love". I think I have a picture of her putting "Love" on. Maybe, it's a People magazine, not sure.
  14. she looked gorgeous at the awards show a few weeks ago....