Angelina Jolie

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  1. Check her out!

  2. Angie,You've come a long way baby !!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

  3. wheres the lips??????????????/
  4. She's so cute!
    Sry, I have a total girl crush on her :smile:
  5. The lips are injected a few years in the future:lol:
  6. She still has the same beautiful smile. She's had big lips since she was a child.
  7. Yes she did.. in fact when she was a child, they looked too big for her face! SRY, but her lips are all natural!
  8. Whoaa! Those dresses! So glad I don't have to wear dresses like that prom!
  9. they probably retouched them smaller, i've seen lots of pics when she was small and like others have said, they were almost too huge for her face!
  10. Aww, she's so cute in these ads! I love Angie!
  11. She looks awesome as usual :smile:
  12. I really like her!!!
  13. Me 2! I love Angelina Jolie. Did you guys hear about that crazy girl who tried to fight Angelina in a cafe? She was screaming "home-wrecker!"

    Some people just can't mind their own business!! I wouldn't dare.. I bet Brad Pitt, Angelina and Jennifer Aniston are all tired of the whole "scandal" if that's what you want to call it!
  14. Awww..she looks so innocent!! I've loved her since "Gia"..awesome movie!!! :love:
  15. She really is a beautiful girl. She probably looks just as stunning without any makeup (I say this because I just finished looking at an article about stars w/o any makeup).
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