Angelina Jolie Lousy sex??

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Which would you rather be?

  1. Look like Angelina Jolie and be lousy in bed?

  2. Look like yourself and be awesome in bed?

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I just read my new Marie Claire and they had an interesting poll.

    Would you rather look like Angelina Jolie and be lousy in bed?


    Would you rather look like yourself and be awesome in bed?

    Take the poll.

  2. I wouldn't want to look like her...but I wouldn't mind having her body. So I pick having her body and keeping my own face and being lousy in bed. You can always improve your technique, right? ;)
  3. IMO, there are women on this forum who look better than her already.;)
  4. I think I'd rather look like her :lol: Not like I have a man anyway so it wouldnt matter!
  5. Voted "Look like yourself and be awesome in bed?"

    I'm no Angelina Jolie, but I think I look okay, or at least I'm okay with how I look :/
  6. I'd rather be myself no matter what !
  7. as much as i think she's the most gorgeous woman on earth, i enjoy being me and i enjoy my sex life, so i picked be me and be awesome :smile:
  8. My husband has always told me that "any woman who is great in bed is also batsh*t crazy!"

    He's a very smart guy. He lets me think I am completely sane or fabulous in bed! Either way, I'm thrilled!
  9. I would want to look like myself and be awesome in bed. I'm not really into the Jolie look, so that slightly aided the decision. I don't think I would mess with my sexuality to look like anyone though.
  10. Always, always want to look like me - mind you, no choice there, i'm stuck with myself!:lol:
  11. I like the way I look and the hubby aint complainin' about the bed skills.........
  12. I would much rather be me! Of course, I would love her handbags.... but that wasn't an option:lol::lol::lol:
  13. I'd like to look like moi!


    I'm not drop dead gorgeous like Ms. Jolie, but I'm cute so it's allll good. :smile: