Angelina Jolie For U.K ELLE

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  2. I love her but I am not nuts about the cover. I don't like her ear showing for some reason. The other photos are nice though.
  3. ^^I also don't like that color on her. But I love Angelina too.:heart:
  4. I love Angelina!!!!!!! I wish they would have done her hair different. I think it looks better with more volume and a little bit of curl. I am not that fond of the cover either. I think they photoshopped it way to much. I love the close up pic of her face.... amazing.
  5. I love Angelina!!!!!!!She is so beatyful!Ohhh Those lips....
  6. Pretty, but they're pretty much the standard stock Angelina shot.
  7. I dont think she takes the best photo's and the article was okay
  8. I like it
  9. Thanks Prada's Meadow.
    Nice pics, although the ones in Vogue were much better.
  10. WoW!She is so hot!Nice pics!
  11. Lovely pics. beautiful as always :heart:
  12. she is soo pretty! I like the 3rd pic.
  13. I don't like the photos.. . very staged looking and not effortless.
  14. This is so not cool.How can they use one of her old pictures and just change the colour of her dress?What kind of mag does that?
    That picture looked beautiful but now on the cover looks so bad!
  15. Yep its an old pic, her eyebrows aren't as thin and she is also thinner now.