Angelina Jolie for Shiseido

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    Angelina Jolie for Shiseido

    As reported all the way back in April, here are Angelina Jolie's long awaited ads for make-up giant Shiseido. This advertising campaign was shot when Angelina was 6-7 months pregnant during her stay in Paris, France. Angelina Jolie's Shiseido television commercial will not be officially released to the web but is scheduled to air in Japan one week from today, August 28th. Let's hope for a YouTube miracle... Thanks, taramoon!!
  2. Ah yes. I definitely see the classic Shiseido ad characteristics in her ad.

    True beauty indeed
  3. Yay I'll be on my holiday to Japan in a few days, so will see it hopefully! She's so beautiful!
  4. As always...she looks fabulous!
  5. stunning !!
  6. Gorgeous as usual !
  7. eww no! her mouth pout makes her look like a blow up doll. nooo thank you.
  8. Wow, beautiful! I wonder if she uses their products - or just wanted the cash?
  9. Beautiful!Gosh her skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time to dream......
  10. The comerical was on Youtube for a few days, but it was taken off and they left this:

    This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner Downtown Reel because its content was used without permission
  11. Very nice. I think she's one of these people that can look very beautiful or not so hot (Gone In 60 Seconds). JMHO.