Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Ink $220 Million Pre-Nup


    Brad and Angelina Jolie have drawn up a $220 million pre-nuptial agreement, according to reports. The couple - who are reportedly planning to marry next spring - are busy finalising the details of the document to ensure their four children are financially secure should they ever divorce.
    A source told the National Enquirer magazine: "This secret document proves Brad and Angelina are planning to marry.
  2. Good for them, I'm glad they are marrying, with such a big family and their plans to adopt more kids, call me old fashioned but I just think it will give them all a better sense of security, and the stability that comes with marrige.
    Can you imagine what their wedding would be like. . . . . WOW!
  3. I don't believe it.
  4. huh??
  5. oo000oooh time will tell.
  6. I agree.
  7. I totally agree.:okay:
  8. If it's true, good for them and their family!
  9. Great post, Rose! :wlae:
  10. i will believe it the day they marry..... I just dont know, she just seems like she is still chewing him up, just waiting to spit him out, if you KWM ;)
  11. Well I wish them all the best of luck!

    But I honestly don't think that they're going to stay together forever.
  12. I agree with you - I just don't believe it.
  13. ^^^^^Me too! And wasn't it Brad that stated that they weren't going to get married until everyone in the U.S. had the legal right to do so?
  14. If it happens I will believe it.
  15. Yup, I remember reading that. I thought Angelina didn't feel the "need" to get married? She's doesn't seem like the type to need a marriage license to have a sense of a validated relationship?