Angelina Jolie&Brad Pitt @ "God Grew Tired of Us" premiere january 8

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  5. Angelina is beautiful but OMG Brad is so hot;i was remineded by these pictures just how hot he is.:girlsigh:
  6. what's that bag Angie is carrying? does anyone know! it's hawwt!
  7. Thank you for posting!! I LOVE Angelina!!!!!!!!!! Love all the great pics.
  8. Does anyone know what kind of handbag Angelina is carrying?
    She (and Brad) are so gorgeous!!!
  9. ....the most beautiful couple in the world.. :love:
  10. thanks for posting the pics... they are such a beautiful couple... it's also interesting for me to see that Nicole Kidman is taller than Angie...
    could you imagine Nicole as Mrs. Smith if she hadn't turn it down? :amuse:
  11. You are all welcome:flowers: ,i really cant see Nicole in that movie with Brad but she is stunning look at her skin.Its breathtaking.
  12. Few more with Nicole and Brad:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  13. No kidding! Wow! I like the pictures of him kissing/nuzzling don't see that too often.
  14. Thanks for posting! They look so happy.
  15. Wow. I have to admit (even though I'm a Jennifer fan) that Angelina is very beautiful. She's been looking a lot better (imagewise, too) ever since she's been with Brad. And she still has that new mom glow.