Angelina Jolie at 16 years old

  1. She's gorgeous!

    Angelina Jolie Ponies Up

    Some scans from the July 24 issue of OK! Magazine with "never before seen" pictures of the gorgeous Angelina Jolie at 16 years old. These head shots of Angelina, now 31, were taken by photographer Robert Kim at his L.A. studio in 1991. After the jump: the full article behind these glamour shots, a little write-up about being Brangelina's neighbor, and an InTouch scan from the July 31 issue about Brad's Global Green project! Thanks, Catchbox!
  2. Wow she does look amazing!
  3. Puts to bed the "her lips are fake" arguments.
  4. i think she hasn't changed much.
  5. she's pretty now and she was pretty then..
  6. poor jennifer A!
  7. really pretty...
  8. i agree, she hasn't change much.
  9. Wow, her face really hasn't changed much. She was already sooo beautiful and mature looking as a 16 year old. My goodness!
  10. Very pretty-and, as for the lips are fake thing, I can't remember where I saw it, but recently saw a pic of her at 4 years of age-and she already had those lips. beautiful woman!
  11. Some people have it and she definitely does!!! Beautiful inside and out!
  12. She looks great!!

    I remember in an interview they asked her what her least favorite feature was and she said it was her lips because sometimes they make her feel like a "muppet" lol
  13. She looks so good =)
  14. She was good looking then and now. She always looks beautiful.
  15. wow...she has aged soooo gracefully...she looks older than 16 there. So beautiful!