Angelina had baby?

  1. Heard a blip on t.v. that she and Brad had the baby and it was a girl. Did anyone else hear that? I didn't think she was due yet, but that is what I heard. I never know anymore these stations where I live always play games and try to draw you in to watch.
  2. Nope, haven't heard. Not that i care a/b them. hehehhe
  3. They might have been talking about the new magazna (New Yorker?) that had fake pictures claimng they had the baby. They stated they were fake pictures, but they were trying to prove a point of how the media is going crazy of these 2
  4. yea, I saw that cover too last night.... is it true?

    How did they get that photo of them changing the diaper?
  5. I seriously have no idea either, iliabags. In the start I thought it was true but then I heard it might be rumours. Hm, akward!
  6. No that is the magazine I was talking about. They are fake pictures. In small writing in the bottom left corner it says that. The article inside has lots of pix of her breast bidding & everything but the article is actually about how everyone is going crazy over the couple & the baby. The pictures are models & a mix of computer added images.
  7. Oh .. okay, thanks for the information yhassan :smile:
  8. I heard they were having a boy also.
  9. Havent heard anything yet.