Angelina, For VOGUE !

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    When Barbara Walters sat down with Anna Wintour, the SheDevil editor of Vogue magazine, for her upcoming '10 Most Fanscinating People of 2006' special, she gave her a sneak peek at Angelina Jolie's greatly awaited January cover shot by none other than Annie Liebovitz.
    Angelina strikes a pose in a gorgeous scarlet red gown on an old airfield near the desert with small planes acting as a dramatic backdrop.

  2. She's so hot! I love her looks...
  3. She is sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!
  4. She's a hottie!
  5. i love her.
  6. Angelina & Anna=Love!
  7. Oh, gosh... I love Angie so much!! :love: And is that sexy Brad on the bike? :nuts::drool:
  8. She is so pretty!!! Love her!! And that does look like Brad on the bike. HOT COUPLE!!
  9. Yup she is just plain awesome!
  10. She is gorgeous!
  11. i love that picture with her & BP ..... So Classy and Sexy
  12. I would say most celebrities are pretty but Angelina is gorgeous! She is way above the top. I really like that she doesn't have to try so hard, she seems simple in many ways, compassionate, generous, o.k I'll stop, she is my favorite!!!
  13. Yep ! that's Brad. :heart:
  14. HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE angelina. i'm gonna buy two copies of that one.
  15. :drool: She is so gorgeous, and I love that she puts so much time and effort into charity work.