Angelina: For St John, Gorgeous !!!

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  3. I love the first picture in the second row of her!!! they all look amazing of course.
  4. could she be any MORE beautiful? i doubt it. seriously.
  5. I loved this series of advertisements!

    I adore Angelina Jolie, and she just looks SO classy and beautiful in these ads! I currently use the ad - second row, second pic for my MSN display pic. :love:
  6. TEAM JOLIE- she is so beautiful! Where are these going to be?
  7. these pix came out before she announced her pregnancy. She's soooo gorgeous!!!
  8. She looks beautiful! I really like the ads.
  9. she's beautiful and looks great in this ad!
  10. Great ads! She's got that timeless beauty that's perfect for St. John. My grandmother wore nothing but.
  11. I LOVE the ads! Angelina looks so serene and beautiful.
  12. She's so beautiful!! My DH just adores her :rant:. LOL!!
  13. She looks amazing.
  14. damn...this woman is so hot.....
  15. She sure gives St. John some appeal. I always think of that line as knits for frumpy ladies.:P