Angelina Collapses !

  1. Sunday, October 22, 2006

    Angie, Maddox [​IMG]
  2. Poor thing, I think she works too hard!! She needs a break from saving the world/acting.
  3. By Debra Beste
    Oct 20, 2006
    While Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have come under intense scrutiny and heavy criticism for their heavy handed weapons brandishing bodyguards a new report may give a hint to why security is so tight around the couple and their three young children.
    Angelina Jolie Under Stress?
    reports in this week's edition that more stress has been placed on the couple with a kidnap scares.

    The weekly reports that Brad, 42, and Angie, 31, originally considered filming in Pakistan, but given their fame and the sensitive subject matter of the

    government officials there warned them that their children would be natural targets for kidnappers or terrorists.
    The article then notes that the Brangelina security team assumed neighboring India would be safer, but Angie’s fear has only grown recently, particularly after private security guards were accused of roughing up two photographers who got too close to the actress and her family.
    “Just seeing the way the crowds pursue them when they leave their [] has Angie worried,” says a second Pitt family friend. “The idea that any harm could come to her kids has her completely stressed.”

    According to the report - insiders say the fear is taking its toll on Angie’s body. “She isn’t eating like she should,” says the second family friend. “She’s always been thin, but over the past couple of weeks, she’s appeared to be even thinner. She nibbles a bit here and there, says she will eat later - but then never does.”
    A report from the magazine has already stated that Jolie has suffered from fainting spells.
  4. this may be a good time for her to pur her babies first and bring them to the US where there's not quite the same risk.
    Hmmm, novel thought?

    She can still 'save teh world' w/o dragging along young children IMO.
    They need stability and it's hard to get that when you change locations 3x/week.
  5. Yep....saving the world takes its toll!
  6. Amen, Swanky! She doesn't have to take roles where she's filming in locations that could endanger herself or her children. Maybe taking a break from filming wouldn't be so bad either.
  7. Time to reflect
  8. aww poor thing! i hope she'll be ok..
  9. It goes back and forth, once she starts leaving her kids to help out around the world, then the argument will be leave and make your kids your priority, but then its also reversed, I feel bad, either way she looses and just keeps giving.
  10. i know! exactly wat i was thinking.. her two loves: her kids and humanity... this is why she is one of my biggest role models
  11. I wonder if she's pregnant again
  12. Good theory Roo... or really just a case of exhaustion....three little kids, filming, whew!!! That takes a lot from anyone!
  13. wow wow wow! that is a lot of stress, even for someone like Angelina!
  14. I was thinking the same thing.
  15. Oh Roo, that can also be a posibility. Imagine of she is, how nice. But I really think she might be very exhausted. Hopefully she gets better. She should really take a break, and take care of herself for the sake of her kids.